Superior | Responsive WordPress Page Builder (Interface Elements)

Superior Page Builder

Superior is a visual builder that can be used to create a full one page template or as an independent builder to enhance your current wordpress themes.

It has modules and sections to organize the content, which are sortables and customizables. Also, modules are available in different sizes to meet every kind of requirement.

All the stuff that you can see on demo, is made with modules, so as you can imagine it that you can customize them and rearrange them, creating unique styles.

but, what if you like what you see but you already have an excellent wordpress theme? Don’t worry, as I told before, modules can be used within your current wordpress theme, so is still highly useful for you.

Finally, as title says..remember, this plugin is responsive, it will looks great on every dispositive.

List of available modules

  • header
  • slideshow
  • Iconbox
  • Titles
  • Price Box
  • Tabs
  • Editor
  • Sidebar
  • Promobox
  • Iconic List
  • Partners Bar
  • Members
  • Projects
  • Image Carousel
  • Empty Spaces
  • Footer

But, how customizable is it?

Well, you can change sizes, order, colors, fonts, icons, images, image size, backgrounds, etc etc…

Almost everything is highly customizable on this plugin, so enjoy it!

Page Builder Admin Screenshot

superior bulder
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