Video Link Checker – Detect broken YouTube urls (WordPress)

Detect broken urls from YouTube, DailyMotion, Hulu, MixCloud, SoundCloud and Vimeo!

Video Link Checker is a WordPress plugin that will automatically validate video links on your site whether they are embedded or not.

It does this by extracting video IDs from each post and querying the video site APIs to ensure those IDs are still valid. This is a MUST for any video site that wants to retain their visitors and not annoy them with broken content.

The truth is videos are uploaded and removed frequently – either by the user or the site itself for usage violations. If this happens to a video you have embedded on your site, your visitors are going to see broken content instead of the video they expected. Don’t let that happen.

You can scan on demand or let the plugin automatically scan on its own in the background, notifying you of any issues.

Numerous options to support custom post types, post statuses, embedded urls, video links, custom meta fields, email reports, and more.

Plug and play! The plugin comes with default API keys for YouTube, SoundCloud and Vimeo – no need to register for your own unless you want to.

Developer friendly! Include the functionality when coding your own theme, plugin or project.


Make sure your visitors don’t find broken videos like these embedded on YOUR site!




Results logged and optionally emailed to you.


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