Woocommerce Bulk Edit Product Variations (WooCommerce)

Woocommerce Bulk Edit Product Variations for WordPress
& Bulk edit prices, weight, sku and more!

With this plugin you can bulk edit woocommerce products based on variations, attributes, and/or categories.

This bulk edit plugin allows you to edit more than one product variation at a time. You can edit as many variations as you want in just one step and edit many fields such as SKU, Stock, Regular Price, Sale Price, Weight, Height, etc.

If you have many products on your store, with many variations each, this plugin is really useful to keep your store updated in just a few seconds.

For example, you can update all variations in one selected category, or use attributes to update variations which have a specific attribute value. You can even update all variations that have a particular price, or target those by which price is higher or lower then a set value.

Values you can use to target products that you wish to update are:

  • Category
  • Regular Price (Equal to, greater than and less than)
  • Sale Price (Equal to, greater than and less than)
  • All the custom attributes that you have set on your Products Variations.

Values you can update are:

  • SKU
  • Stock
  • Regular Price
  • Sale Price
  • Weight
  • Length
  • Width and Height


 v1.0  - First stable release

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