WooCommerce Catalog Mode with Ajax Popup Inquiry (WooCommerce)

SW Product Catalog – WooCommerce Catalog Mode Complete Pack with Popup Ajax Inquiry Form, is WooCommerce add-on plugin. You can ready your catalog site with few clicks. Fully functional settings. You can customize your catalog page, product details page, Popup Ajax Inquiry Form button, Custom button from plugin settings page.

If you would like to WooCommerce catalog complete solution, this is for you.


Catalog Page
– Hide/Display Product Price
– Hide/Display Star Ratings
– Hide/Display Ajax Popup Inquiry button
– Hide/Display Custom button
– Hide/Display Product Ordering Filter
– Hide/Display Product Counts text
– Hide/Display Sale Badge

Product Details Page
– Hide/Display Product Price
– Hide/Display Star Ratings
– Hide/Display Add to cart
– Hide/Display Description Tab
– Hide/Display Reviews Tab
– Hide/Display Related Products
– Hide/Display Ajax Popup Inquiry button

Ajax Popup Inquiry or Request a Quote Form
– Custom Form email supported
– Cc, Bcc options supported
– WordPress Site Administrator email supported
– Ajax Submit with proper way
– Smooth and Clean Design
– Responsive Design
– html5, jQuery and WordPress php validation
– All modern browser supported

Custom Button and Inquiry Form button
– Custom button text
– Button Style Choosing options
– Preset CSS Class Supported
– Color Picker
– Custom Button supports Product details page or External link

Plugin Settings Page
– WordPress Settings API used
– Smooth, User friendly settings page
– WordPress native color picker used for load faster
– wp_mail used for Inquiry form
– Proper options in right way

– WordPress Hooks used in right way
– WordPress native jQuey used to load faster and avoid confliction
– Splitted large function into multiple small functions to load faster and easy customization


– WordPress
– WooCommerce Plugin
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