WooCommerce Net Promoter Score (WooCommerce)

WooCommerce Net Promoter Score helps you measure your customer loyalty and satisfaction based on the Net Promoter Score. The automated emails ask your customers whether they would recommend your store to their friends or family on a scale of 0 to 10. This data is then aggregated in a graphical representation in the WooCommerce admin section for your viewing.

Recent Updates

Latest version update: 1.0 (June 14th, 2014)


 ### 1.0  * First release. 

Feature Overview

  • Automated friendly email asking customers who recently purchased whether they would recommend your store
  • Emails are personalized to each user via our builtin macros
  • Smart email scheduling that makes sure your customers do not get sent emails unnecessarily
  • WPML ready

Ease of Use

  • Works right out of the box, just install and the emails will begin to flow
  • No need to configure an email design, uses your default WooCommerce template
  • The results will saved once the user clicks within the email with the option to modify their response via popup by default

Intelligent email scheduling

  • Schedule one or multiple emails to go out X number of days after the order is marked as “Completed”
  • Removes scheduled emails once feedback has been logged for that order
  • Removes scheduled emails if the order status is modified to “Pending” or “Canceled”


  • Each email is personalized to the store and the customer who purchased
  • The customer will be asked to review all products they purchased
  • Add further information regarding the purchased made by using the built in macros

Documentation and Support

  • Full documentation included with purchased plugin files
  • Super fast support response time on the Comments tab
  • Contact us via our website – kodemann.com

High Coding Standard

  • Class based code for greater modularity
  • The code adheres to WordPress and WooCommerce standards allowing for greater stability
  • No additional libraries or plugins are needed for our plugin to work

CodeCanyon new WordPress items

Shortlink https://thesetemplates.info/codecanyon/woocommerce-net-promoter-score-woocommerce/





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