Woocommerce Product Chart Sizes Table (WooCommerce)

So you have a store selling products worldwide . USA , Europe or other countries has all different measures system.

Think about meters,centimeters,kilos . Now thing about foot,feet,inches ,

With this plugin you can have a table that you can show the corresponding values of the product dimension or weight .

Just enable the plugin, create a table for each product or for a product category and assign that table to those .

You can add as many rows or column as you like and you can name those at your will

Chose how to display the table , a modal popup or a woocommerce product tab and that’s all .

Define Chart Size Tables for your WooCommerce Store

Single Product, Single Category Product , Multi Categories , All The Store as Product Tab or Modal Pop up

With “Woocommerce Products Chart Size Table” now you can easy :

  • Create unlimited Chart Size Tables
  • Easy Table creation
  • Add , Edit , Remove – Rows and Columns just with one click in + or –
  • Add text description and image to the Chart Size Table
  • Create Chart Size Table as Product Tab
  • Create Chart Size Table as Modal Pop up with link
  • Assign Chart Size Table to Multi Categories
  • Assign Chart Size Table to Single Categories
  • Assign Chart Size Table to Single Product
  • Custom Style
  • Custom Text
  • Color Picker
  • Other Options for Modal Pop up

Full Documentation: Click Here

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