WooCommerce Simple Storewide Sale (Products)

WooCommerce Simple Storewide Sale is a plugin and excellent marketing tool which allows you to have sitewide sales like for Black Friday, Christmas, clerance, store anniversary or some other special day. You can define discount in precentage or fixed value, sale start and end date, you can exclude some products, product categories, product types, tags, add sitewide notification about sale or have notification before sales start.

WooCommerce Simple Storewide Sale Overview and Features:

  • WordPress 4.4+ ready, WooCommerce 2.5+ ready
  • Add sale as precentage or fixed value
  • Set start and end date
  • Exclude from sale products, product categories, product types or tags
  • Include product category, tag or specific products
  • Set sale sitewide (storewide) notice
  • Set before sale sitewide (storewide) notice
  • WPML compatible, PO file available for translations in lang/ dir


WooCommerce Simple Storewide Sale screenshot


 ** Version 1.0.1 **     - Fix: bug with including category and tag  ** Version 1.0.0 **     - Initial release 

View complete WooCommerce Simple Storewide Sale change log here.

Make sure to read documentation and check our demo.

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