WordPress Google Analytics Mail (Utilities)

WP Google Analytics Mail

WP Google Analytics Mail is a simple plugin to receive your Analytics report directly to inbox. The mail will contain following features.

  • Subject of mail is descriptive for quick understanding
  • Blog title is attached to mail subject to differentiate mails from different blogs
  • Start date and End date of report is shown on top right
  • Number of visits, page views, bounce rate and search traffic during the selected time frame
  • Increase or decrease in performance is aptly shown using different colors
  • All number data is formatted for better readability
  • Top 5 pages, referrals, keywords and countries are listed
  • Visits or Page view number is shown along with top 5 lists
  • Email is tested in web layouts and also in mail clients

Plugin Setup and Configure

Setting up the plugin follows the normal procedure for any WordPress plugins. The plugin contains a doc folder which explains installation, setup and configuration of plugin. The plugin options page give you following options.

  • You can use default API credentials or your own Google API credentials
  • Add more email recipients
  • Set mail frequency to daily, weekly, biweekly, monthly, 3 months, 6 months or yearly
  • Send test mail based on mail options
  • Reset API to start again

Hope you will enjoy this plugin :)
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