[WP] Verifile – Detect New & Edited Files (Utilities)

Database driven websites (such as WordPress, Drupal etc. sites) rarely change their files, as all of your data is stored in a database. Hackers and cyber criminals on the other hand like to place little bits of extra code near your login functions in order to steal credentials, or even upload entirely new files to give them complete access to your server! As soon as this happens, Verifile will realise and email you with a warning – allowing you to easily see which files have been added or edited via the dashboard panel.

Verifile is the all in one security solution for database driven websites! It’s simple to use, and notifies you as soon as it detects either a new file, or a change in an existing one via email. Verifile implements an “install and forget” model, meaning it will run completely in the background without requiring any work from you!

Simply put, this script will ensure your website is doing exactly what you want it to be doing, nothing more or less! In this day and age of rampant cyber crime, it doesn’t make sense not to use Verifile.

This is the WordPress plugin version

Demo details:

  • Username: admin
  • Password: admin


  • Easy to install
  • New / edited file detection
  • Recursive file scanning
  • Immediate email notifications
  • Secure login system
  • Automated background scanning
  • No hassle & easy to use!

Version 1.11

  • General Bug Fixes

Version 1.1

  • Excludes
  • Multiple Directories
  • Settings Page

Coming Soon

  • Shell Scanner
  • Off-Site backup

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