WordPress Version is Available Here: WordPress Version Aruna is a Content Sharing, Gags, Memes, Joke & Humour PSD Template. It was built to deliver a great experience, similar to a site of that specific niche. To boost up the awesomeness, we added: .AI Illustrations Already Cut/Trimmed Retina Ready Graphics. Just get coding! Fonts Used: Dosis

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If you want to help translate Aruna in your own language, you can do it here! https://poeditor.com/join/project?hash=9ca36dd72a8fa4ce6caed0296c126bc7 . Thanks a lot! Aruna – Content Sharing, Gag, Meme Theme is the theme that you were looking for when you told yourself “Man, I’d love my users to share content!”. We know you did! So it is

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