WooCommerce Advanced Email Customizer allows you to customize email subject & visually modify the look and style of woocommerce order emails like New Order, Processing Order, Completed Order, Cancelled Order, Failed Order & Refunded Order Emails. Key Features Quick and easy installation. Easily customization of woo-commerce all emails subjects Woo-commerce Emails All things is editable […]

Database not responding is a very common issue in hosting a WordPress website. Instead of showing a blank page with a simple error message “Error establishing a database connection”, DB Error Customizer helps you to handle it professionally. Not only you can easily customize a beautifully designed database error page using our predefined templates, it

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WooCommerce Product Customizer Plugin allows users to Customize the appearance of the WooCommerce product on product shop page, product details page, Cart page and Checkout page. WooCommerce Product Customizer Plugin helps you to customize the WooCommerce shop page and product detail page looks without writing any code! You can completely customize the look of shop

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Urban is a premium bootstrap 3 web application admin template. It comes packed with a myriad of different layouts, pre-built skins(Sidebar & Header), angularJS and HTML versions, Grunt and Bower build processes and a host of other options. Urban gives you what you need to get started with bulding your next web application, CRM, CMS,

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One year after our first theme – here it is, our most powerful theme ever. Our new theme – Madrid – is a responsive, modern looking, based on Bootstrap PrestaShop theme, with built-in many amazing features, and the beautiful, detailed design. The key feature in our theme is – flexibility – our Theme Options it

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WooCommerce Add To Cart Popup giving you avaibility, display popup window, with currently added product, with some extra informations for customer. Exchange Product Image Customizer plugin allows you to add some elements into the product image : add and view other product image using the hover effect (flip image) view “Badge” on the product image

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