This is the WooCommerce Extension to Multi Helpdesk Support System for WordPress You will require the Core Multi HelpDesk Plugin and WooCommerce Subscription Plugin. The post Multi Helpdesk WooCommerce Extension appeared first on Webostock Marketplace. Webostock Marketplace Shortlink

Beaver Builder’s Extension or you can say Beaver Builder Addon. It’s a Beaver Builder’s extension which have amazing features. Included Row Styles, Image Separator, Simple Icon, Spacer Gap. One awesome feature is search modules. Redesigned Beaver Builder’s element section interface. CodeCanyon new WordPress items Shortlink

Original Plugin Description This is an Extension to Multi Helpdesk Ticket System Pro, which allows users to create tickets using email address. Each company will have a unique email address, tickets will be assigned to that company based on which email address recieve an email. Requirement: Multi Helpdesk Ticket System Pro POP3 Server CatchAll

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Flow-Flow WordPress Social Stream comes to the big screens! Realtime updating and posts automatic rotation are the best for broadcasting your event or hashtag campaign and showcase your brand on big screens with HDTV Output. Tell your whole story, you can stream your social hub with posts from all networks. Cast your social hub directly

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Description Image Hover Effects is an Visual Composer Extension that contains a collection of impressive hover effects that will allow you to add attractive hover effects to your images with caption. This provides you a bunch of customizing options to style your images with animated effects.You can create own hover effects with unlimited variations of

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Increase Ecommerce Sales with WooCommerce Product Sticky Bar Are you developing an e-commerce website on WooCommerce? Are you under pressure to increase sales on site? We got your back. We do not sell useless things, we do not sell lies. We used this plugin to increase our sale as an internal tool, we tested.

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Contact Form Sheets allows you to integrate your contact form with Google Sheets. It helps you automate spreadsheets for your advantage. Create forms and capture results instantly in your spreadsheets. Populate your projects faster. Please note that this plugin uses Sheetsu ( API in order to connect to your Google Sheets. CodeCanyon new WordPress items

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Features: Overlay Set Overlay Color Set Opacity Overlay Animation start (75+ animations) Overlay animation finish (75+ animations) Progress bar enable/disable Progress bar set progress bar color set progress bar width set vertical distance from top set height of progress bar set border radius Percentage Enable disable percentage Google fonts Font size Custom Animated Image Predefined images Upload custom animated

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