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  • WooCommerce Custom Fields for Variations (WooCommerce)

    If you have additional data to add to your product variations, but aren’t keen on entering it into the variation description field, then WooCommerce Custom Fields for Variations is for you. Once enabled, you can easily add custom fields to your product variations in a way that feels native to WooCommerce, making it easy for […]

  • Advanced Custom Fields Date & Time Picker (WordPress)

    Advanced Custom Fields Date & Time Picker is an Add-on for Advanced Custom Fields to add Date & Time functionality to ACF backend and front-end forms, you simply choose date and time as field type and you can either choose to display date or time and even both. Please watch the video carefully to understand […]

  • WooCommerce Custom Fields with Custom Price (WooCommerce)

    “WooCommerce Custom Fields with Custom Price” is a simple, fast and flexible custom field plugin for woocommerce. This plugin lets you create custom fields for any woocommerce products. If you sell a product that has lots of options or variants and need extra fields to show in frontend then this plugin will be your best […]

  • WooCommerce Additional Checkout Fields (WooCommerce)

    WooCommerce┬« ADDITIONAL CHECKOUT FIELDS WooCommerce┬« Additional Checkout Fields is an awesome WordPress / WooCommerce┬« plugin which makes it possible to add multiple type of fields to the frontend checkout form and backoffice order form. This plugin is compatible with every WordPress template (which plays by the rules). Just install the plugin, setup basics and your […]

  • WooCommerce Extra Fields (Products)

    Description WooCommerce Extra Options plugin is simple to use WooCommerce extension to customize product page by using 14 types input fields. Nice admin panel have bunch of options to customize this plugin. The core feature of this plugin includes: Best file upload with thumb Image cropping Aviary editing add-on Conditional logic Custom validate messages Translation […]

  • User Extra Fields (WordPress)

    Easily add extra fields to the user register page! WordPress User Extra Field plugin si WooCommerce and WPML compatible! LIVE DEMO http://www.codecanyon.eu/wpuef/ user: demo pass: demo CUSTOMIZE REGISTER PAGE WordPress User Extra Field lets site admin to easily add new fields to the user register page. This can be done using a nice graphical composer. […]

  • WooCommerce Custom Price Fields (WooCommerce)

    A WooCommerce plugin for adding extra custom price fields. Custom Prices Fields allows you to create extra price fields on your WooCommerce products. Extra price fields are created localy on the edit product page or globaly. For each field you have the option to name it, describe it, choose the order and give an optional […]

  • Gravity Forms Geo Conditional Fields (Forms)

    At times, you need to display certain fields for certain users based on their geographical location, be it their country or continent. Perhaps a user is from Australia and you need to collect a different set of information to those users who are in the rest of the world. Perhaps in certain countries you may […]

  • Gravity Forms User Conditional Fields (Forms)

    This plugin will add 3 additional hidden user fields to a new field section called Conditional Fields to Gravity Forms. The purpose of these new hidden fields is to provide access to the user’s name, role and logged in status and to use these in your conditional logic as actual drop down values to determine […]