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  • Hilo : HTML5 Game Framework

    Hilo is a Cross-end HTML5 Game development solution developed by Alibaba Group. It could help developers build HTML5 games conveniently in minutes.Features:independency modules design, support multiple module styles;Object Oriented Programmed Development;Simple and efficient Visual Object Architecture;Multiple render model supported, including CanvasRenderer, DOMRenderer and WebGLRenderer;Compatible for multiple desktop and mobile browsers. Using Flash Shim to support IE (yes as you can see, […]

  • Tower Building Game with Html5 Canvas & Javascript

    Tower Game is a HTML5 canvas tower building game using javascript. MIT licensed and has some option to customize. Tags: HTML5 canvas Read More Demo Download The post Tower Building Game with Html5 Canvas & Javascript appeared first on Webostock Marketplace. Webostock Marketplace Shortlink https://thesetemplates.info/webostock/tower-building-game-with-html5-canvas-javascript/

  • BetPress – Betting Game Plugin (WordPress)

    BetPress is a WordPress plugin that allow your users to place betting slips on sports events and compete against each others. The plugin follows this workflow: 1. You add bettings 2. Your users are placing betting slips 3. You mark which bettings are winning 4. The system checks all users’ slips and calculate their points […]

  • Video Game Review/Score Embed (Miscellaneous)

    It designed to display video game information in stylish embed box. Easy-to-use, modern, fast and useful. Video game embed allows to display game picture, score or review, rating, genre(s) and summary by simply pasting an link into your editor. Features The plugin allows copy-paste link from metacritic.com, gamespot.com, polygon.com, gamerankings.com and ign.com Paste a link […]

  • Youplay – Game Template based on Bootstrap (Technology)

    Youplay is micro niche HTML5 template. Based on Bootstrap 3. It allow you to create Game store and/or Game blog. Manage reviews for games and comments for blog posts. Use huge types of carousels for products. Use banner images or Revolution Slider to promote products. Features List 2 theme variations: Dark and Light Animated Parallax […]

  • OpenCart Game Theme – GameWorld (OpenCart)

    GameWorld OpenCart Theme specially designed for stores trading games. Simple, but still impressive are words to tell about this theme. Well-functioned extensions and modules helps you to set e-commerce website up with just a little time and effort. It is a good choice for any low costs business to go. Key Features       Compatibility […]

  • Game Announcement Widget (Widgets)

    With this widget you can create 2 kind of of widgets. Pre match widget: contains teams, logo, date, time, place and a countdown to match. When the countdown is reached. It turns into after match widget. After match widget: contains teams,logo,date, place and result. After the countdown has reached u can enter result. Or you […]

  • WordPress Responsive Snake and Ladder Game (Miscellaneous)

    Features Just play. Have fun. Enjoy the game! and easily attract more visitors to your website with “Responsive Snake and Ladder Game” Responsive Layout jQuery Validation Game Levels Game Player Registration Simple Installer Simple Admin Settings If you download it, and you liked it, please, don’t forget to rate this item! This helps us a […]

  • WordPress Responsive Crossword Puzzle Game (Miscellaneous)

    Features Memory Enhancement Game, attract more visitors to your website with “Crossword Puzzle Game” Responsive Layout jQuery Validation Game Categories Simple Installer Simple Admin Settings Text , image and audio clue If you download it, and you liked it, please, don’t forget to rate this item! This helps us a lot. Installation Read this installation […]

  • Game Store Shopify Theme – GameWorld (Shopify)

    Game shops are definitely a dream place for who cannot live without game and Shopify Gameworld is the perfect theme for the stores. It has such a stunning graphics and visual effect that any gamer will be impressed. CSS3/HTML5 show special display effects and slideshow is more than that, it is an effective promotional tool […]