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  • Syntax Highlighter for Visual Composer (Add-ons)

    About Syntax Highlighter for Visual Composer Syntax Highlighter for Visual Composer is a premium multi-purpose plugin for easily post syntax-highlighted code without losing formatting. Supported Languages HTML mixed-mode(CSS+JavaScript), CSS, JavaScript, CoffeeScript, Markdown, GitHub-flavour, LESS,Sass, PHP Mixed, PHP,Ruby, Perl, XML/HTML, Python, C, C++, C#, Java, APL, Asterisk dialplan, Scala, Clojure, COBOL, Common Lisp, Cypher, D, diff, […]

  • WordPress Syntax Highlighter (Miscellaneous)

    Description WordPress Syntax Highlighter is a jQuery syntax highlighting plugin for your WordPress website. This plugin will enable syntax highlighting of most popular language in your WordPress site. You can embed Syntax Highlighter via shortcode in everywhere you want, even in theme files. You can change almost most popular 15 Language, Syntax highlighter color schema, […]

  • Modern Syntax Highlighter (Interface Elements)

    Bits allows you to easily post any markup to your site without losing its formatting and also can apply up to 43 modern theme to your markup .it can highlight post comments .it is highly customizable and has both global settings and per code settings . Live Demonstration : Admin Panel (demo/demo) Bits Showcase Part-1 […]