Tag: Integration

  • myCRED Integration for FSQM Pro (Add-ons)

    Reward points for Form Submission myCRED is a vastly popular, free and easy to user points management system for WordPress. It helps you keep your users engaged, by rewarding them points for their interactions with your website. The points can later be used to show a leaderboard, award some badges or maybe integrate with your […]

  • WooCommerce integration for UserPro (Add-ons)

    Note: This is an addon. You must have UserPro to use it. Get the best of both worlds – UserPro and WooCommerce. This addon seamlessly integrates WooCommerce with UserPro. The Essentials   List all your WooCommerce orders on your profile page   List recently purchased products on profile page   View order details from profile page   Re-order from […]

  • osCitas – ResellerClub Domain Registration Integration Kit (Miscellaneous)

    This plugin is designed for use with WordPress, to integrate the Reseller Club domain registration option to your wordpress, so that your customers can search for domains and can book directly from your site, so they don’t need to move to Reseller Club site. CodeCanyon new WordPress items Shortlink https://thesetemplates.info/codecanyon/oscitas-resellerclub-domain-registration-integration-kit-miscellaneous/

  • HYPE Social-Buffer PRO – WP to Buffer Integration (WordPress)

    Automate your Social Media sharing with this plugin. It connects your WordPress site to Buffer APP and allows you to schedule, customize and manage all your shares – from your WordPress admin dashboard. This plugin supports and gives you the option to choose whether you want to share posts, pages or custom post types. It […]

  • MyArcadePlugin – Theme Integration (Add-ons)

    MyArcadePlugin – Theme Integration Plugin will integrate MyArcadePlugin Starter or MyArcadePlugin Pro with your existing WordPress site without theme editing. This allows you to create an online games section on your WordPress site to attract more visitors and keep visitors on your site. Tue to more interactions with visitors you can increase your income and […]

  • Cart2CRM – Woocommerce and SugarCRM integration (WooCommerce)

    Cart2CRM – Syn data between WordPress and SugarCRM Using Woocommerce Plugin. Cart2CRM provide the ability to connect and sync customer data and order data between a WordPress (using the WooCommerce plugin) and a SugarCRM account. Features: SugarCRM Panel Connection Settings Integration Field Mapping Report CodeCanyon new WordPress items Shortlink https://thesetemplates.info/codecanyon/cart2crm-woocommerce-and-sugarcrm-integration-woocommerce/

  • KWoo Integration (WooCommerce)

    It’s hard to get customers but it’s harder to keep them, so you must keep them informed about your business. For this Kwoo Integration has been created, a plugin that integrates your WooCommerce Customers and your news systems Knews. Features included Subscribe automatically all your WooCommerce customers to newsletters at checkout. To test it follow […]

  • Smart AJAX Subscribe: Integration Addon (Newsletters)

    This is NOT standalone plugin, it is an addon for Smart AJAX Subscribe plugin, and this addon can’t be used on it’s own. This addon adds integration with various WordPress and other plugins forms for: Smart AJAX Subscribe and you need to purchase and install this main plugin first. Do not attempt to use this […]