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  • CronosDoc Enterprize Electronic Document Management System

    CronosDoc is an electronic document management software system designed to organize and store documents of different kinds or forms. With the CronosDoc, you can store a large volume of digital documents centrally, and CronosDoc is designed with great features for proper efficiency! This App contains a web-based user interface that performs operations including file sharing, […]

  • Vina Online Exam & Quiz System

    Vina Online Exam System What is "Vina Online Exam System" or VOS ? – Vina Online Exam System is a web script which written by CodeIgniter framework, use MySQL for storing all related data. – It uses Twitter bootstrap v3.x for enhancing GUI and supporting responsive design and JQuery AJAX to interact with backend. – […]

  • Multi Helpdesk Ticket System Pro

    Multi helpdesk ticket system Pro The post Multi Helpdesk Ticket System Pro appeared first on Webostock Marketplace. Webostock Marketplace Shortlink https://thesetemplates.info/webostock/multi-helpdesk-ticket-system-pro/

  • SUMO Subscriptions – WooCommerce Subscription System (WooCommerce)

    SUMO Subscriptions is a Complete WooCommerce Subscription System. It is the most comprehensive WooCommerce Subscriptions Plugin using which you can Create and Sell Subscriptions Products from your existing WooCommerce Shop. Features How to Install SUMO Subscriptions? 1. Download the latest version file (sumosubscriptions.zip) of SUMO Subscriptions from Codecanyon. 2. Unzip sumosubscriptions.zip inside which you will […]

  • SUMO Memberships – WooCommerce Membership System (WooCommerce)

    SUMO Memberships is a Complete WooCommerce Membership System. It is the most comprehensive WooCommerce Membership Plugin using which you can Sell Memberships from your existing WooCommerce Shop and give access to members (who have purchased specific Membership Plans) to view pages, view posts, content blocks, buy certain products etc. Features How to Install SUMO Memberships? […]

  • SUMO Invoices – WooCommerce Invoicing System (Miscellaneous)

    SUMO Invoices is a Complete WooCommerce Invoicing System. It supports the PDF Invoice and PDF Proforma Invoice. SUMO Invoices is highly customizable and is a Must Have WooCommerce Plugin. Features Complete Invoicing System Built on Top of WooCommerce Supports Invoice and Proforma Invoice Manual or Automatic Invoice Generation Powerful Features available Extensive Customization Options Translation […]

  • Email Extension Multi Helpdesk Ticket System

    Original Plugin http://codecanyon.net/item/multi-helpdesk-ticket-system-pro/15400747 Description This is an Extension to Multi Helpdesk Ticket System Pro, which allows users to create tickets using email address. Each company will have a unique email address, tickets will be assigned to that company based on which email address recieve an email. Requirement: Multi Helpdesk Ticket System Pro POP3 Server CatchAll […]

  • SUMO Reward Coupons – WooCommerce Coupon System (Marketing)

    SUMO Reward Coupons is a Complete WooCommerce Coupon System. Reward your Customers using Coupons for Product Purchase, Writing Reviews, Sign up, Social Promotion (Facebook like, Twitter tweet, Google+ share and VK.com) on your site etc. The earned Coupons can be redeemed in future purchases. SUMO Reward Coupons offers the flexibility to offer Coupons at Product […]

  • Promo Cards – Banner/Offer System WordPress Plugin (Advertising)

    Promo Cards – Banner/Offer System Plugin for WordPress Promo Cards – Banner/Offer System Plugin is designated to fast and comfortably create Cards and to combine them into collections. With the help of a convenient filter it is possible to combine different Cards into a single collection. Each collection can be displayed in 8 different views. […]