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  • WooCommerce – Cart reminder for returning visitors – Welcome Back Buyer (WooCommerce)

    Features When a buyer or customer comes back to your store… .. the customer will never forget his cart of his last visit. The cart is full of wonderful stuff and he will checkout as soon as possible. Otherwise, he can close the dialog and go on with his shopping tour. After how many hours […]

  • Live Client Chat – Help Chat With Visitors Map (Utilities)

    Client Live Chat is an exclusive support chat, adaptable to any website developed in wordpress. And talk with your customers/visitors has never been easier! Realtime world map of visitors! Unlimited colors (colors picker) Advanced informations of visitors (IP, REFERRER etc.) Visitor’s easly auto-login and Facebook Login Answers offline-chats directly from the panel Send automatic opening’s […]

  • WP Visitors Tracker (Utilities)

    PRESENTATION There are many great tools to get accurate statistics of your visits. But have you ever dreamed of stand behind your users to track their progress on your website or online store ? Be able to understand their logic and follow the route taken through the pages ? This plugin doesn’t make statistics : […]