Allec – Bootstrap/LESS Template with Site Builder (Technology)

What’s new? Now Allec template goes along with Site Builder, which allows you to create multiple pages and save them. There are no worries anymore that you lose something! You get an ability to export and even to publish your site on the server online.

To access new Site Builder you need just to press LOG ME IN button and voila you get into creation process! However, if you face any trouble at login page, use the following login and password password

Note! Live demo of Site Builder has some sort of restriction. Site Builder will be reset every 30 minutes. It means everything that was saved within 30 minutes inside application will be vanished. However, this is not related to the final pack you get after purchase.

Allec is a cosmic HTML5/CSS3 technology template. It’s flat, fancy and functional to serve your needs. Allec was designed using flat muted colour scheme to make your website eye-pleasant, clean and user-friendly. Along with this HTML template you get a lot of slick elements to stand out from the crowd.

Of course, the main reason to purchase Allec HTML template is a SITE BUILDER with 170+ components to use. It allows you easily to compose, edit and export pages on a fly with minimum efforts and html/css knowledge. Main principle is just DRAG & DROP components and voila you get stunning look of your website just in a few seconds. You get powerful components with large amount of options: Accordions, Alerts, Buttons, Carousels&Sliders, Charts, Icons Styles, Image Containers, Form Elements, Links, Lists, Numbers, Paginations, Progress Bars, Promoboxes, Sequences, Social Buttons, Tables, Tabs, Testimonials, Tooltips. Along with 170+ components for site builder, buying Allec HTML template, you get 102 predefined HTML pages in case you used to this kind of work with HTML templates.

From now stop thinking in terms of pages, and start thinking in terms of components. This will allow you to get fast and easy lego-like constructor for your website. Moreover, it will also be fun to work with.

Allec HTML template was created with love by envato elite author (team) using modern technologies. We spent a lot of time crafting this template to make it the most suitable to fit your needs. A history of Allec HTML template begins from PSD version of it as one of the recent popular PSD templates in technology category. Allec PSD template was transformed into clean semantic code (+BEM) for fast and reliable performance. Our team was focused on using modules and chunks to make every element reusable, so it can be easy to relocate or edit different blocks of our template. Allec HTML template is also based on well-known popular framework Bootstrap 3 with LESS preprocessor, which makes instant change of our website visual look possible.

Allec Boostrap/LESS technology template is absolutely responsive and fits well on different devices (smartphone, tablets, desktops etc.) Your website will run perfectly run in different media, displaying top-notch visuals on retina displays.

Allec Bootstrap/LESS technology template has a lot of benefits. Besides modern and eye-catchy design and reliable code performance, Allec saves your money as well. You get in one pack powerful and robust HTML code along with PSD files $ 10, Revolution Slider $ 12, Royal Slider $ 12, Livicons $ 12 and Site Builder $ 29.

As we said above Allec perfectly fits your needs and there is a reason for that. It offers your different types of elements and pages. Allec Bootstrap/LESS template contains pages/components which can be used as technology or corporate website, on-line shop, technology forum community or support centre, or as personal website. Allec also offers you special bonus – admin panel functionality with dynamic charts and stats. More likely technology companies would like to have their dashboard in one style with whole website.


  • Multipurpose Use: technology, corporate, blog, portfolio, forum, e-commerce, dashboard
  • Scalable and Modular Architecture
  • Semantic Coding (+ BEM)
  • HTML5 and CSS3
  • Bootstrap 3
  • Site Builder
  • LESS Preprocessor
  • Fully Responsive
  • Retina Ready
  • Mailchimp Subscribe Form Compatibility
  • Google Fonts
  • Parallax Blocks
  • Cross-browser Compatibility
  • Well-documented Code
  • 176 Reusable Components
  • 102 HTML Files
  • 84 PSD Files ($ 10)
  • Revolution Slider ($ 12)
  • RoyalSlider ($ 12)
  • Livicons($ 12)
  • 8 Homepage Variations
  • Christmas Landing Page
  • Onepage Layout
  • Full E-commerce Pages Pack
  • Pricing Tables
  • Gallery 2,3,4 columns
  • Working Contact Form with Validation
  • Forum Pages
  • Login Page
  • Coming Soon Page
  • 404 Error Page
  • Magnific Popup Lightbox Plugin
  • FontAwesome Icons
  • Mega Menu
  • Widgets:
    – Twitter
    – Facebook
    – Instagram
    – Share Buttons
    – Wijmo
  • Google Map:
    – Custom Color Scheme
    – Multiple Markers
  • Free Customer Support
  • Free Updates
  • Precise Documentation
  • Powerful Shortcodes with Large Amount of Options (Accordions, Alerts, Buttons, Carousels&Sliders, Charts, Icons Styles, Image Containers, Form Elements, Links, Lists, Numbers, Paginations, Progress Bars, Promoboxes, Sequences, Social Buttons, Tables, Tabs, Testimonials, Tooltips )






The photos used in the template are not included in the main download file, they are only for the preview purpose.


Version 1.7.4 – Updated: February 26, 2015
Fixed: Site Builder export bug -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Affected files: - js/builder.js 
Version 1.7.3 – Updated: February 25, 2015
Added: Ability to edit background elements (Site Builder) Added: Ability to change header and footer colors (Site Builder) Added: Ability to change logo (Site Builder) Added: SmoothScroll for transition between blocks (Site Builder) Added: Ability to change soundcloud audios (Site Builder) Added: Site Builder tmp folder into package -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Fixed: Setting dropdown bug (Site Builder) Fixed: Main navigation bug (Site Builder) Fixed: Link editing bug (Site Builder) Fixed: Minor bugs -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Increased: Number of elements which can be edit via Site Builder Increased: Options for editing (extra fields and features) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Affected files: - externa/count/ count.down.js - application/view/sites/create.php - css/custom.css - css/custom-interface.css - elements/css/style-allec.css - elements/externa/count/ count.down.js - elements/images/logo-full.png - elements/images/logo-full-light.png - elements/images/logo-full-sm.png - elements/images/logo-full-sm-light.png - elements/js/custom.js - elements/*.html - js/builder.js - elements.json 
Version 1.7.2 – Updated: January 29, 2015
Added: 19 new components into Site Builder (5 sequences, 4 tabs, 2 counters, 8 dividers) Added: Ability to create accounts at login page (Site Builder) Added: Ability to disable accounts  (Site Builder) --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Updated: Bootstrap v. 3.3.2 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Fixed: Bubble animation bug Fixed: Contact Us title in Onepage layout --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Improved: Installation process --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Affected files: - *.html - shortcodes/*.html - bootstrap/less - external/animated-header/js/animation-bubble.js - external/animated-header/js/animation-bubble-fixed.js - css/custom.css - css/custom-interface.css - css/builder.css - css/login.css - application/controllers/auth.php - application/controllers/users.php - application/views/auth/create_user.php -application/views/auth/login.php - application/views/partials/users.php - application/views/sites/sites.php - js/builder.js - system/helpers/captcha_helper.php - elements.json 
Version 1.7.1 – Updated: January 11, 2014
Improved: Site Builder UI --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Fixed: Minor bugs --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Affected files: - css/custom-interface.css - application/views/sites/create.php - application/views/shared/modal_deletesite.php - application/language/english/builderlite_lang.php  
Version 1.7 – Updated: January 6, 2015
Added: SITE BUILDER (with save option) 
Version 1.6 – Updated: December 10, 2014
Added: Special Christmas landing page (with snow animation) Added: Extra psd files --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Affected files: - style.css - ie9.css - touch.css 
Version 1.5.3 – Updated: December 6, 2014
Added: Buttons page Added: Counters page Added: Dividers page Added: Google maps page Added: Notifications page Added: New sequences styles Added: New tabs styles Added: New counters styles --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Fixed: Product slider padding --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Improved: Video header perfomance on different devices Improved: Shortcodes submenu arrangement Improved: Twitter feed perfomance --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Affected files: - css/style.css - less/base/base.less - less/objects/forms.less - less/objects/objects.less - less/objects/slider.less - less/state/state.less - less/state/responsive.less - js/custom.js - external/twitterfeed/twitterfeed.js - shortcodes/form.html - index.html - site-map.html 
Version 1.5.2 – Updated: November 26, 2014
Added: Animation page (with different variation of animation effects) Added: Media embeds page (vimeo, youtube, soundcloud) --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Fixed: Mobile menu bug --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Improved: Navigation user experience  Improved: Shortcodes submenu arrangement --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Affected files: - shortcodes/*.html - *.html - css/style.css - less/base/base.less - less/object/object.less - js/custom.js 
Version 1.5.1 – Updated: November 12, 2014
Added: Fixed header (Page Builder) Added: Edit video option in styling mode (Page Builder) Added: Ability to set an anchor to any page block for scrolling (Page Builder) --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Improved: Text editing process in content mode for Page Builder --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Affected files: - builder/css/style.css - builder/js/builder.js - builder/js/redactor - builder/index.html - builder/elements/*.html 
Version 1.5 – Updated: November 1, 2014
Added: Homepage version 5 with canvas bubble animation Added: Contact page version 3 Added: Contact page version 4  Added: Product quick view pop up for product list in e-commerce page (shop-grid.html, shop-grid-full.html, index-commerce.html) Added: Custom map pointer for google maps --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Updated: Promoboxes page (promobox with bubble canvas animation) --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Fixed: Touch screen bugs Fixed: CSS styles for IE9 Fixed: Browsers compatibility Fixed: Google map scrolling Fixed: Logotype display Fixed: Minor bugs --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Affected files: - css/style.css - css/ie9.css - css/touch.css - js/custom.js - js/form.js - index.html - index1.html - index2.html - index3.html - index4.html - index5.html - index-animation.html - index-commerce.html - index-host.html - checkout.html - orders.html - shop-grid-full.html - shop-grid.html - shop-list-full.html - shop-list.html - shopping-cart.html - single-product-full.html - single-product.html - wishlist.html 
Version 1.4.1 – Updated: October 23, 2014
Added: Tooltips with explanation to page builder edit options --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Updated: Revolution slider assets --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Fixed: Logo hover in light footers and headers Fixed: Promobox button hover in Safari Fixed: Links names and href for homepages --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Affected files: - index1.html - index-commerce.html - builder/index.html - css/style.css - builder/css/tooltips-box.css 
Version 1.4 – Updated: October 21, 2014
Added: Homepage 4 (Original Scrolling). Creative. Added: 3 patterns into Page Builder (dark services, text block with macbook image, text block with circles animation) --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Fixed: Header with centered logo and two-row header with social icons. Fixed: Homepage with canvas animation Fixed: Styles for touch devices --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Affected files: - shortcodes/promo.html - index-animation.html - css/touch.css - css/style.css 
Version 1.3 – Updated: October 14, 2014
Added: 6 patterns to page builder: - pricing table with countdown - 2 accordions (one of them with coundown) - fullwidth blog - timeline blog - promobox with parallax effect Added: Homepage with video hero header Added: Subscribe forms compatibility with mailchimp  Added: Pages with different headers (6 dark + 6 light versions) Added: Pages with different footers (6 dark + 6 light versions) --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Updated: Pricing page (additional pricing table with countdown) Updated: Accordions & Tabs page (2 additional accordions styles) Updated: Promoboxes page (parallax promobox + promobox with video bg) --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Affected files: - css/style.css - js/form.js - external/count/count.down.js - shortcodes/accordions-and-tabs.html - shortcodes/promo.html - shortcodes/*.html - index2.html - index-commerce.html - pricing-tables.html - single-post.html - single-post-full.html - site-map.html - contact2.html - index.html - index3.html 
Version 1.2.1 – Updated: October 7, 2014
Changed: Name Atech to Allec Fixed: Mobile menu
Version 1.2 – Updated: October 4, 2014
Added: 32 new elements to page builder
Version 1.1 – Updated: October 2, 2014
Added: 31 new elements to page builder
Version 1.0.1 – Updated: October 1, 2014
Fixed: Page builder export function

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