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Current Version v1.0.2 - Free for existing buyers (see change log below)

Business Admin Template is a responsive admin template compatible with Twitter Bootstrap 3.0. Our Admin Template is ready for styling your admin, CRM, SASS, website or any HTML business application giving a unique look and feel to your application.

Customizing Business Admin has never been easier with the power of LESS having the CSS broken down into each individual element. Business Admin Tempalte is fully responsive adapting it’s content to any resolution from large desktop screens, laptops, tablets or phones. We have given a lot of attention to all major browsers including IE8+.

Our huge collection of Widgets, Buttons, Forms, Tables, Charts and ready to go Pages will most likely cover all of your interface requirements. We are committed to deliver ongoing high-quality updates with new sections all free for existing buyers.

Admin Template Features & Highlights

  • Built on Twitter Bootstrap 3.x
  • LESS Files Included
  • Fully AJAX Powered
  • Unlimited Colors
  • JavaScript asynchronous loading with dependency management
  • Complete LESS / minified CSS stylesheet that includes all styling resources
  • CSS 3 Animations
  • Extended Documentation (View)
  • 65+ HTML Pages Included (see below)
  • Fast Customer Support
  • AJAX and Non-AJAX Included
  • 1600+ Font Icons Included
  • Browser Compatibility: IE8+, Chrome, Safari, Firefox
  • Fully Responsive and Mobile Friendly

Business Admin Sections


Current Version 1.0.2 – 01.02.2014

  • Fixed:
    • Issue with animations that caused the page to reload;
    • Issue with sidebar show/hide toggle that caused the menu to appear empty if toggled on resolutions over 768px;
    • Issue with sidebar that caused the hidden menu to still appear under the content on short content pages;
  • Improved:
    • Automatically scroll the sidebar menu back to top with smooth animation when opening a sidebar submenu from a very low main menu item (Useful on menus with many items and submenus);
    • Added a fully AJAX powered version (the regular NON-AJAX version also included in the Download package);
    • Added JavaScript asynchronous loading with dependency management;
      • Asynchronous loading enables all scripts to be downloaded in parallel by the browser without blocking other CSS resources, images and JavaScript;
      • Astonishingly impressive lightweight footprint of only 643 BYTES!
      • Works on all browsers, IE6+;
      • Enables the AJAX version to dynamically load the required scripts;
      • Enforce the script execution order when loading JavaScript asynchronously with dependency management suitable for the most complex web applications;
    • Added a complete LESS / minified CSS stylesheet that includes all styling resources needed for the entire template interface; makes mixing of components from different pages into new pages easier for beginners, since you only need to load one stylesheet that has everything;
  • Added:
    • Email Inbox page;
    • Email Compose page;


Version 1.0.1 – 25.01.2014

  • Fixed:
    • Fixed: Sidebar menu issue that would prevent to display submenus after closing an active submenu from the “close” button;
    • Fixed: Sidebar menu issue that would cause the menu to be visible by default on mobile;
    • Fixed: added “Typography” page to the menus (the page was already included in v1.0.0, but not showcased in the demo);
  • Improved:
    • Added: “Pace” page preloader;
    • Improved: Hooked up page load animations with the page preloader which enables smoother animation (e.g. on the photo / video gallery pages);
    • Improved: sidebar menu / submenus navigation (e.g. when a sidebar main menu item with submenus is active, clicking on another main menu item that also has submenus, it first closes the active submenu and then it opens the new submenu; if the clicked main menu item is the currently opened menu, it only closes the submenu);

Version 1.0.0 – 24.01.2014

Initial release;

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