Ezos Mobile Retina | HTML5 & CSS3 And iWebApp (Mobile)

Works with all OS’s young or old! Maximum compatibility!

General Features

  • Custom jQuery code.
  • Page preloader with fader!
  • Optimized for all types of mobile screens!
  • WebApp Ready!
  • AJAX/PHP Contact Form with validation!
  • Touch Swipe image slider!
  • Colorbox image gallery!
  • Photoswipe touch image gallery!
  • Full retina support for all graphic elements!
  • 800 icons availalble!
  • 40 icon lists availalble!
  • Google fonts integration!
  • Typograpghy features!

    • 1 text column!
    • 2 text columns!
    • 3 text columns!
    • 1 column with icon
    • 2 columns with icon
    • 3 columns with icon
    • 1 column with image
    • 2 columns with image
    • 3 columns with image!
    • Blockquote with icons!
    • Blockquote without icons!
    • CSS3 Highlighted text paragraphs
    • CSS3 Dropcaps text style!
    • CSS3 Table!
    • CSS3 Web 2.0 buttons
    • CSS3 Minimal buttons
    • List with icons!
    • Classic lists with numbers or bullet!
    • Thumbnail adaptive blog post!
    • Fullwidth blog post!
    • Ads widget in blog!
    • Recent widget in blog
    • Comments widget
    • Replies widget!

    jQuery features!

    • jQuery Swipe Slider
    • jQuery Photoswipe thumbnail gallery!
    • jQuery Colorbox 1 column gallery!
    • jQuery Colorbox 2 column gallery!
    • jQuery Colorbox filtrable gallery!
    • jQuery Checkboxes ( retina ready )
    • jQuery Radioboxes ( retina ready )
    • jQuery On/Off Toggle! ( retina ready )
    • jQuery +/- Toggle ( retina ready )
    • jQuery Tabs
    • jQuery Classic Notifications ( retina ready )
    • jQuery Big Notifications! ( retina ready )
    • jQuery Header notifications!

    Epsilon mobile framework! What is it

    Epsilon is the most advanced and easiet to use mobile framework we’ve ever built! It’s made in such fashion that you’ll have all possible elements styled up for this specific template and all you’ll have to do is call them to your page!

    Is Epsilon harder to use than coding old fashion way?

    NO! It’s actually far far easier! All elements are dynamic, you can use as many as you want, they are just copy paste, replace with your information, done! That’s all!

    How is Epsilon/Resepina is built?

    Epsilon is the backbone of Resepina , it has 2 stylesheets and Resepina has the style.css and graphic elements!

    • style.css, has all the design elements of the template!
    • framework-style.css, includes all typography sizes and colors, element styles, and design features for the elements in Epsilon, styled for Resepina
    • framework.css, includes the sizes, alignment, spacing, visual hierachy of the elements! This is basically the engine of Epsilon!

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