Pascal – Responsive Drupal 7 Multipurpose Theme (Drupal)

Pascal is a responsive multipurpose theme for Drupal 7. It is responsive, easily customizable and comes with two premium modules – Shortcodes and LayerSlider. If you want a theme can be easily made unique, choose Pascal.

Responsive design

Pascal works seamlessly on tablets and smartphones. For seeing the responsive features in action, browse to with your mobile device or scan the QR code below.

Advanced theme settings

You can easily build a unique website with Pascal.

Color schemes
Pascal works with the Color module. You can either use the default color scheme or create a custom one.

You can select heading, site name, slogan and body fonts from over 600 Google Web Fonts and 13 web-safe fonts.

Change the sidebar alignment and control amount of footer columns.

Upload a custom background and toggle the ambient light effect. Details make the difference.

And much more
Toggle visibility of elements, upload a logo and a favicon and much more.

Two premium modules included

The LayerSlider module helps you to build awesome slideshows. Upload an image, drag it to the right place, select effects and you’re ready to go! Each slider you create will be available as a block so it can be placed into any region in the theme. LayerSlider supports HTML, images, text and videos.

The Shortcodes module adds a shortcode filter to your site. With shortcodes you can easily insert slideshows, maps, buttons and other elements. The module thinks for you – for instance, when embedding a map, all you need to know is the address. No more hassle with HTML and complicated embed codes.

For new and existing websites

Pascal comes with an installation profile, an SQL Dump and a standalone theme.

Standalone theme
You can use the standalone theme to upgrade an existing website. In addition to the theme, you can install the two premium modules Pascal ships with.

Installation profile
Installation profile can be used to kickstart a new website. It comes with all the essential modules such as Views and Webform and follows stable module only policy.

SQL Dump
SQL Dump is a 100% copy of the Live Preview site. You can use it to learn how things are done in Pascal or use it as a base for your own website.

Quick and Comprehensive Support

I will get back to you within 24 hours should you need any help with Pascal. You can either contact me by leaving a comment on Themeforest or emailing to
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