Photroller | Mobile & Tablet Responsive Template (Mobile)

User Experince First

We’ve built this item with the utmost care for your experience to be unique, solid, and as native as possible. Constructed for the masses, designed with care!

Header as a solid color or as an image slider!

Now, you can choose what your header does, is it a solid color or a image slider with touch events? Want to see all the colors, open the live preview and navigate to features -> introduction!

Typography Features

  • 1, 2, 3 text columns
  • 1, 2, 3 image columns
  • 1, 2, 3 icon columns
  • CSS3 8 text highlight variations
  • CSS3 Code structures
  • CSS3 Table
  • CSS3 Speach bubbles
  • CSS3 Fields
  • CSS3 8 Color variation small buttons
  • CSS3 8 Color variation big buttons
  • CSS3 8 Buttons with 400 retina ready icons
  • CSS3 Hoirzontal square and rounded charts
  • 4 different testimonial variations
  • 48 icon lists

jQuery Features

  • Custom jQuery Code!
  • CSS3, AJAX, PHP contact form with validation
  • jQuery Page Preloader
  • jQuery Device detection
  • jQuery Tap sliding door
  • jQuery Submenus
  • jQuery 4 Toggle Variations
  • jQuery Tabs
  • jQuery Big Notifications
  • jQuery Small Notifications
  • jQuery Checkboxes
  • jQuery Radioboxes
  • jQuery Image Slider
  • jQuery Qute Slider
  • jQuery Text Slider
  • jQuery Thumbnail Slider
  • jQuery Colorbox Portofolio
  • jQuery Swipebox Touch Swipe Gallery

Design Features

  • Ergonomic navigation
  • High Definition Graphics for high definition displays
  • Looks gorgeous on iOS, Nokia, Samsung, HTC, and any device with a high DPI screen and low DPI screen!
  • 48 High definition list icons
  • 400 Icons included for general usage and for the PSD
  • 2 PSD Files included to create new nav items
  • PNG graphics hihgly optimized for extremly fast load times
  • iOS Homepage Icon
  • iOS Splash Screen

Requires iOS 6 or higher, Android 4.2.2 or higher, Windows Mobile 8, latest RIM OS.

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