Popshop (PrestaShop)

Pop-Shop is a unique and creative template with clean and modern design. It is perfect choice for your retail, shopping and Prestashop websites. It can be customized easily to suit your wishes. This template includes the basic extensions that will help you improve your sales. On the main page you can quickly show their best products and brands. Infiniti will help you simplify scrolling display all products category. Fast switching next products on the product page with module product paging. Modules 360 view Will help to show your product from all angles

We supply a full help with our products and after purchase support to all our customers.

Show visitors directly to on home page of best deal with via responsive slider.

  • Fully responsive – will adapt to any device
  • Slides can contain images, video, or HTML content
  • Advanced touch / swipe support built-in
  • Uses CSS transitions for slide animation (native hardware acceleration!)
  • Small file size, fully themed, simple to implement
  • Browser support: Firefox, Chrome, Safari, iOS, Android, IE8+

Best way to attract the attention of customers is the carousel on the home page of your site. You can choose any kind of carousel products will be they added automatically.

Key features:

  • Sale slider
  • Featured slider:
  • New slider
  • Bestsellers slider
  • Categories with products


With the help of this module you will be able to show the logos of manufacturers represented in your store. This will help customers to quickly learn about your products and brands are available in your store

Key features:

  • Automatic scrolling
  • Brand Logo



The best way to keep the user in the category. The buyer will be able to easily see all products without a long wait reload the page.

Key features:

  • Infinity scroll
  • Auto scroll and click scroll
  • SEO-friendly


The user can view your product in any position.

Key features:

  • 360 view
  • Touch devices support


On the page of your product add links through which users will be able to quickly switch to the next product is not come back to category. When you hover on the link of a small product for more information about the following product. Without a doubt, this module will not be superfluous on the product page. You will motivate buyer to explore more products.


Column Manager

Selecting the speaker layout Category, Product, Cms Page.

Bootstap Accordion and Product Tabs

ProTabs Extended plugin allows you to add additional tabs on the product page. The plugin allows you to display additional information for each product , based on the information added by admin

The plugin works with all types of products , expanding the functionality of the standard tabs on the product page . Thus, the plug-in is compatible with any shops set up on prestashop.

Key Features

1 ) Various display tabs
The plugin supports a choice of three types of display tabs on the product page :
– Standard View
– Bootstrap Tab
– Bootrtrap Collapse

2) Unlimited number of tabs
You can add an unlimited number of tabs with any content on the product page. Tabs will line up in rows.

3 ) Different content tabs
The plugin allows you to add a variety of content using a WYSIWYG editor .
It is also possible to specify the content tabs as a list of products (similar to the featured products) and display them on the product page

4 ) Ajax editing tabs
In the admin you can add / edit / delete tabs without reloading the page . All of these actions are working with AJAX technology

5 ) Fine adjustment tabs
When you edit any tabs you can specify the sort order on the product page , the state of tabs (enable / disable ) , the type of tabs (HTML content using a WYSIWYG editor or Products Selection), tab title and tab content.

Website for mobile devices loaded too slow? Then you can use a separate mobile template for your store. Nothing superfluous only what is necessary for the buyer.

  28 December , 2013 ---------------- VERSION 2.0 ----------------  * Fix translate error * Added My account links * Added module Backgrounder * Fix old price error * Improved compatibility Prestashop1.5.6.1  Edited Files: * order-carrier.tpl * header.tpl * product.css * global.css * font-theme.css 
 UPDATE 1.5 – 203.11.2013  Added Pro tabs  
 UPDATE 1.4 – 27.10.2013 Fix quantity arrows Fix Z-index  FILE CHANGE LOG   css/global.css 

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