Togglr – Clean Responsive Blogger Template (Blogger)

Togglr is a new way of blogging on blogger. With 5 premade header themes and good support for template designer, you can personalize this template the way you like.

Infinite Scroll

One of the most wanted feature for personal blogs is the infinite scroll. You keep scrolling down and new posts keeps loading until the end of your blog. It includes a back to top button, in case you want to see the header instantly.

New way of showing your Newer and Older Posts

Now, no useless older newer posts links. We have customized the feature to include post titles when the user hovers on older newer links. The posts titles appears in a semi transparent box that slides in/out on hover. It appears after some scrolling on post pages.

Toggle Sidebar

To make your more focused on personal blog theme, we have hidden the sidebar widgets. But the moment you click the navicon button it appears from no where and add a new feature in your blog. You can easily add/remove widgets from your blogger dashboard.

Flash On Image/Profile Hover

Don’t miss this feature. Take your mouse over to the profile pic or blog title and see the awesome.

Comments on the side of posts

Make your visitors enjoy the new way of commenting on blogger blogs. The comments section goes below the posts for mobile devices and small screens. So no worries for small screens.

Automated Blog Profile

Profile Picture from Google plus will be showcased on the left of your blog title. That makes this template a complete personal blog theme. If you have not activated google plus profile, then your blogger profile picture will be used. So, don’t worry.

More Features

  • Selective loading of scripts
  • Set of 18 popular social media icons
  • Fallback for Older Browser

You just have to edit the menu and social icons on your blog and togglr template will take care of the rest.
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