TOP10 – WordPress Multimedia Tube (Miscellaneous)

TOP10 is a Multimedia WordPress Tube that is ideal to create a dynamic & interactive portal with videos, music, images, blogs, recipes, restaurants, touristic sites, multimedia channels and more…

still not convinced ? then let us guide you through our top features:


you can use a multiple search approach that instantely filters the corresponding categories based on the type of post you selected.

there are currently 4 General Posts:

  • Multimedia
  • Recipes
  • Places
  • Blog & Pages

Every Post includes a list of categories for example:

If you select the Post”RECIPES” then the category list includes different type of cuisines e.g Italian, Jordanian, Seafood, Vegetarian…

If you select the Post “Places” then the category list would include different type of places e.g. Hotels, Restaurants, Places, Attractions…

So let’s a concrete examples: if you’re looking for a Jordanian Recipe from Amman that includes steak then you need to select:

Post: “Recipes” Category: “Jordanian” Location: “Amman” (if you start typing the 3 first letters then the system will provide with auto-completion, so in this case type “Amm” Tag: “Steak”

After clicking on search the following result will appear: then

if you can also make generic searches, for example if you select the post “Multimedia” the click on search you will get as a result all the videos, images and sounds


If you’re looking for an interactive and strategic way of promoting or offering visibility / advertising facilities then the top banner is an ideal solution to showcase your multimedia items that you can control from the back-end of your wordpress console


Every post is linked to a specific page, for example if you click on the link button of any of the videos that are listed on the homepage of the “WATCH TOP10” section (for example the elephant) then this page will appear:

if you click on the author who published this video (author’s name is is in the header with the avatar) then you will open the author’s channel page with all his/her corresponding posts (videos, images, sound and recipes:

The Template includes:

•Top 10 video banner
•Advanced search
•Recipes Page
•Results page with multimedia filters
•Channel Page
•Top Destinations

(the megamenu and crowdfunding widgets are used in the HTML version only, we will remove them from the preview image during our next update, our apologies for it) •Megamenu: only in HTML version
•Crowdfunding widget: only in HTML version

The Design is really elaborated with a proper balance between UI & UX, you will simply love this Theme

KEYWORDS: video theme – youtube theme, video streaming – video blog Credits

Stock images and backgrounds are not included in the package

mp3 music:

Special Thanks to Farous who gave us the Top 10 idea :)

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