WP Affiliate Table Plugin For WordPress Affiliates (WordPress)

The WP Affiliate Table Plugin For WordPress Affiliates is the most unique, stable, fast and really easy to install and maintain WordPress Affiliate Table. This table is developed by professional developers who know how important a good and customizable table is. We have included many features to make your life and business easier and we promise, you don´t need any other table anymore ” alt=”” />

What Can I Do With WP Affiliate Table Plugin For WordPress!

You can use the plugin for anything that suits your imagination. First of all, it has been developed to be used as Affiliate Table for any kind of affiliate business.

We have invested a lot of time and work to come-up with an elegant but most of all, useful and easy to edit Affiliate Table. Our main goal was to develop a table that is very easy to edit, to change positions of the brands you promote as an affiliate and to easily add or delete them without a hustle.

  • One click install
  • Simple to use drag & drop UI
  • Fully responsive (you’re in control of what is displayed on which device)
  • WordPress media manager integration (no need for images (re)upload)
  • Colors & font manager (limitless styling options without CSS knowledge)


Buying And Using WP Affiliate Table Plugin For WordPress will save you a lot of stress and time in the first place. But time and stress is not such a big issue when things run smoothly. This is the main reason you should buy and use WP Affiliate Table Plugin For WordPress, it just runs perfectly smooth without stress.

You don’t just buy a plugin because you need a table to run your affiliate website like a pro, no, you buying the plugin because you also want to work like a pro and we believe that it can save you a lot of time and as previously mentioned, stress. When you buy our Affiliate Table, we ensure you, you will have more time to focus on other things like SEO and Linkbuilding.

We Promise a Lifetime Support!

After you have purchased Wp Affiliate Table and have at your side, we, from our side, promise to work every day to assist you with questions and improvements making your day a nice one.

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