Discount for Likes – WooCommerce plugin (WooCommerce)

The social discount plugin for WooCommerce

This plugin allows to decrease the price of a product if certain count of Facebook likes are reached. You can define the required count of likes for a certain discount for every product individually. This plugin will help you to increase the traffic in your woocommerce shop and to get more clicks and sales. You can enable a like button next to the product price and display a custom information how many Facebook likes need to be reached to decrease the price.

Your customers are forced to share the product on Facebook and ask their friends to like the product to decrease the product price together – the social network effect. An awesome marketing tool to make your site more popular.


  1. Enable „Discount for Likes“ for every product separately
  2. Enable like button next to price
  3. Display a custom information how many likes need to be reached to decrease the price by a custom defined discount
  4. Works for simple and variable products

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