Fluent Framework (WordPress)

WordPress Options Pages, Meta Boxes, Options Panels, User Meta Panels, Taxonomy Meta Panels with a difference.

Standardized Definition and Access of Data

The WordPress Fluent Framework provides standardized definitions, and access to options and additional meta information for any data types.

The Framework has been designed to be simple and feature rich. We know there are many options frameworks already available, but none were quite right for our needs.

With the Fluent Framework we had a few important goals:

Code Optimized – We wanted to make everything as bloat free as possible, while still maintaining WordPress PHP requirements. Vanilla WordPress UI – We wanted the framework to look at home within WordPress. Works Across custom pages, post types, taxonomies, and user pages – Currently we are unaware of any existing framework that provides this. No changes in code or access to values based on implemtation – Wether it be a post type, author meta, or taxonomy meta the values returned are always the same structure. Nested, repeatable group fields – We wanted any field to be nestable, and repeatable. This even works with groups themselves.

We truly belive in DRY (Dont Repeat Yourself) Development, and we have implemented this methodology through the framework, taking all of the differences between different parts of WordPress and providing a front layer which is consistent.

We also have design each field type and the way they are utilized, so we create a field once, and use it across any instance. This provides great streamlined code, consistent design, and as a result all fields will work in any application.

The only exception to this rule in the Group Field when nested other group fields. It functions 100% across all instances, but we are still working out a few css issues when using on profile pages due to the size/layout of the nested items.

The Fluent Framework is a very easy to use, well documented Utility Belt for WordPress developers (theme authors and plugin authors alike) that will make your lives a whole lot easier.

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