Forum based on comments (Utilities)

Forum based on comments convert your comments in a discussion forum.
Put in a post type page (page) a shortcode, this will make the last comment of your site is displayed, the form is displayed in a forum type. This will make your comments otherwise see, possibly calling more attention of your readers to see your comments and to respond.


  • Create a blank page (preferably without sidebar)
  • Just put the shortcode [forum_based_on_comments]
  • Ready to enjoy.

The plugin has the following options:

  • Number of comments: Shows number of comments per page (Preferred 10 to 20)
  • Show paginate: Show the paginated mini forum
  • Show author comment: Shown below the comment, the author
  • Show post: Shown below the comment, the post
  • Comment length: Comment size length show.
  • Post length: Post size length show
  • Total comments: Show the total number of comments
  • Link target: Open a new window when clicking on the links at the mini forum
  • Size title comments: Blank for Default (recommended), only put number
  • Color title comments: Blank for Default (recommended)

I can supplement it with this plugin Avatar Coquette
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