Geo Digger & Visitor Messenger WordPress plugin (Utilities)

Geo Digger is WP plugin which offers you to print message on any page for visitors from a specific country. For example, you can leave message for visitors/customers from UK. But that’s not all! Your can also print data from visitor’s IP address! Easy to use.


  • Create messages for specific country visitors & include through shortcode to any page.
  • Display IP address through shortcode
  • Display country flag through shortcode
  • Display flag (standalone) through shortcode
  • Display country address through shortcode
  • Display state/province through shortcode
  • Display city through shortcode
  • You can insert shortcode into any element
  • Using API
  • Bootstrap 3


  • Upload .zip plugin into wordpress OR manually move folder to your /wp-content/plugins/ directory.
  • Activate your plugin.
  • Access plugin from left menu, navigate to “API key”.
  • Generate your API key (described in page). Then save and enjoy!

A Basic Usage Sample

  • Include shortcodes to your pages to show visitor’s IP information.
  • Create message in plugin page for targeted visitors (leave blank country code for ALL visitors) and then use shortcode to display messages on any page.

If we get popularity with this plugin, i will purchase premium API key for you – FOR FREE. Thanks for used photo!

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