Keyword Landing Page Generator (Advertising)

Keyword Landing Page Generator allows you to have one landing page, with different versions (at different URLs) depending on the keyword—so you can show each visitor a customized version of the landing page!

It’s a common problem of marketers that you’d like to show different versions of a landing page to a user according to what they are looking for—one for people looking for a “cheap” product, one for people looking for the product delivered “fast,” and one for people looking for a “high quality” version of the product, for example. Or if you want to have separate pages for people searching for red, green, or blue versions of your product. The possibilities are endless!

Until now, the only solution was to create hundreds of different landing pages—not only is this very time-consuming but, if you want to update them, it turns into a nightmare!

The solution? The Keyword Landing Page Generator. This premium plugin lets you have one landing page, but actually have three (or three-thousand!) unique pages on WordPress to drive traffic to, each one customized for that target market.

Each page has a unique URL that is SEO friendly and very easy to modify, individually or all at once. You could have Google-friendly URLs such as: /intro/cheap/ and /intro/fast/ and /intro/high-quality/ in the above example—and an unlimited number. The pages displayed would be the same to all – except at the points in which you define, where the headline text or image or any other component or components (as few or as many as you like) would change according to the rules, definitions, and text you’ve defined in the easy-to-use plugin configuration.

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