Responsive Website Tester & Mockup Screenshot Generator (Miscellaneous)

Responsive Mockup Screenshot Generator for WordPress


The plugin generates screenshots in realistic environments and is ideal for companies with a client page to display their portfolio, or could be used by freelancers and design agencies to test website responsiveness.

Just enter your Url for a responsive website check or create a Mockup Screenshot.


  • Responsive Website Checker
  • 14 Background & Device presets
  • Download Screenshot (Experimental), WordPress mShots API

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Essential Button Generator For Regular Uses (WordPress)

Button generator pro is a button generating plugin. It has a lot of flexible and powerful customizing and styling options. By using this plugin you can generate button according to your demand. It is very useful for generating necessary button for your regular uses within few click. You can generate as many button you want by using this plugin.

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Facebook Slideshow Post Generator (Social Networking)

Facebook Slideshow Post Generator is an easy to use WordPress Plugin which enables you to create a Facebook Slideshow using up to 7 gallery photos.


Username: demo
Password: demo


  • The application complies with all Facebook terms and conditions
  • Developed using Facebook API v2.5 API and SDK package v5.0 (included in the plugin)
  • Supports unlimited Facebook Pages
  • Supports up to 7 photos for slideshow
  • Supports slideshow image reorder via image drag & drop
  • Ability to set the duration in seconds (between slides)
  • Post – Post slideshow directly on your Facebook Page with one click
  • Schedule – Schedule slideshow directly on your Facebook Page
  • Slideshow URL – Ability to add link to the Slideshow
  • Settings – button is available for inserting or updating Facebook App ID and Secret values


This plugin requires that you have or create a Facebook App.

User Guide with Screenshots:

Please follow these steps only after you have installed and activated the plugin:

  • Go to your WordPress Admin Panel and click on Fb Slideshow tab – See Screenshot
  • Insert your Facebook App ID and Secret and click Save Details button. -Please refer to Other Important Notes about your Facebook App on the right side for Facebook app requirements necessary for this plugin or if you need help creating a Facebook App – See Screenshot
  • After you add your Facebook App details, click Add Profile to connect your first Facebook account (make sure you grant all required Facebook permissions in order for this plugin to work effectively) – See Screenshot
  • After you add your Facebook account, now you should click on the recently added account to select the Facebook Pages you want to post the slideshow to – See Screenshot
  • Next you can click on either Your Gallery button or + Add Photos box to select the images needed to generate the slideshow (min: 3 – max: 7 images) – See Screenshot
  • Drag & Drop images to reorder them – See Screenshot
  • Duration – set the Duration (between slides) in seconds – See Screenshot
  • Slideshow click URL – enter Slideshow URL (optional); the link to go to, shown at the end of the slideshow – See Screenshot
  • Say something about this slideshow – enter Slideshow message (optional) – See Screenshot
  • Click e.g Post on Facebook – Generate Slideshow and Post it on the selected Facebook page – See Screenshot
  • Click e.g Schedule – Generate Slideshow and Schedule it on the selected Facebook page – See Screenshot

You are done! Simply follow the same steps if you need to add another account, or generate another Facebook Slideshow.

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Nuntium Newsletter Generator (Newsletters)

Don’t have time to build custom email newsletters templates from scratch? Nuntium WordPress Plugin is here to help you.

Generate clean HTML code for your email marketing service. Newsletter content fed directly from your WordPress site/blog.

Create eye-catching newsletters quickly with just few clicks.

Convert your WordPress posts into compatible newsletter templates.

Generate clean HTML code for your email marketing provider.

Promote your older articles in the newsletter and keep your subscribers updated.

Create clean and modern newsletters and keep your subscribers up to date using these eye-catching newsletter themes fed directly from your WordPress site or blog.

Our Newsletter Themes are fully compatible with all the major email marketing providers. MailChimp, Constant Contact, Campaign Monitor, AWeber, Cleverreach, and more.

If your email marketing provider accepts HTML code then you’re good to go.

Email themes created with clean HTML code designed with the single purpose to help you build successful and efficient email campaigns.

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Keyword Landing Page Generator (Advertising)

Keyword Landing Page Generator allows you to have one landing page, with different versions (at different URLs) depending on the keyword—so you can show each visitor a customized version of the landing page!

It’s a common problem of marketers that you’d like to show different versions of a landing page to a user according to what they are looking for—one for people looking for a “cheap” product, one for people looking for the product delivered “fast,” and one for people looking for a “high quality” version of the product, for example. Or if you want to have separate pages for people searching for red, green, or blue versions of your product. The possibilities are endless!

Until now, the only solution was to create hundreds of different landing pages—not only is this very time-consuming but, if you want to update them, it turns into a nightmare!

The solution? The Keyword Landing Page Generator. This premium plugin lets you have one landing page, but actually have three (or three-thousand!) unique pages on WordPress to drive traffic to, each one customized for that target market.

Each page has a unique URL that is SEO friendly and very easy to modify, individually or all at once. You could have Google-friendly URLs such as: /intro/cheap/ and /intro/fast/ and /intro/high-quality/ in the above example—and an unlimited number. The pages displayed would be the same to all – except at the points in which you define, where the headline text or image or any other component or components (as few or as many as you like) would change according to the rules, definitions, and text you’ve defined in the easy-to-use plugin configuration.

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Flexible Chart – WordPress Chart Generator Plugin (WordPress)

Flexible chart is a wordpress plugin for generating chart in flexible way where user will be able to create their own bar chart, line chart, pie chart, polar area chart, radar chart, doughnut chart, here user have options for generating chart using unlimited colors, easy input, custom size etc.

\ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \

Plugin Features

  • Animated Chart.
  • Easy installation.
  • You can use multiple chart in same page or post.
  • Plugin will run without any javascript conflict.
  • Flexible option for inputting data.
  • Flexible option for changing chart size.
  • Unlimited Colors.
  • All Major browser supported.
  • Don’t need to use any third party API.
  • Don’t need to worry about the type of file just put value and generate your chart.
  • It’s default value is designed so user-friendly by which you will get a good idea at a glance.
  • Video Tutorials and enriched text documentation.

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Kyero XML generator only for ‘Real Homes’ theme (Add-ons)

Kyero XML feed generator ONLY for the WordPress property theme ‘Real Homes’

This is a very simple WordPress plugin that works solely with the WordPress Theme ‘Real Homes’ to create a valid XML feed for the property portal Kyero.

Just install the plugin, activate and then go to the feed: – this is the URL where the XML feed is shown and the URL which you will need to add to Kyero.

This XML generator only currently works with the WordPress theme ‘Real Homes’ and is only valid for, we are working to make the plugin for more property portals such as ‘A place in the sun’ and ‘Fotocasa’.

This add-on is only compatible with one specific WordPress Theme ‘Real Homes’ (

This add-on is not compatible to our knowledge to any other WordPress Theme

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OptIn Ninja – Ultimate Squeeze Page Generator (Newsletters)

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Grow your subscriber lists exponentially – build squeeze pages that convert with OptIn Ninja!

OptIn Ninja creates 2-step, highly optimized squeeze pages in seconds, integrates with any WP theme, has built-in stats and A/B tests, and supports numerous autoresponder options – view demos.

  • easy setup – everything works out-of-the-box thanks to demo data and good default options
  • fully responsive
  • using A/B tests is extremely easy + graphs give you in-depth analytics
  • prevent users from leaving before they subscribe
  • 3rd party autoresponders – MailChimp, GetResponse, Aweber (Mad Mimi and Infusionsoft coming soon)
  • Facebook connect and custom forms are also supported
  • all subscribers can be stored in a local database
  • detailed analytics are available for all pages and test
  • Google Analytics is supported + custom events tracking
  • works with all plugins and themes – completely independant
  • all pages and test can have custom URL, and can be used as site’s home page
  • support for video and any other kind of content
  • fixed backgrounds and full screen slider supported
  • 300+ bundled photos and tiled backgrounds to help you get started
  • premium support from Elite author
  • fully documented – inline help makes sure you don’t have to open any other help

View online demo


 v1.0 - April 28th 2014 * initial release 

Is it WordPress?

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WordPress Title Generator Plugin (SEO)

Last update :3 MAR 2014 . Version: 1.0.0. Platform: for WordPress.

WordPress Title Generator generate catchy titles for your chosen subject that are proven to grap prospective reader’s attention. just add the word you like to write about and the plugin will list a valuable list of carefully crafted titles to choose from .

clicking the suggest button generates a new list every time . you can also use these title as a content suggestion that can inspire you to write .

Key Features

Catchy: WordPress title generator uses a large database of proven to grap readers attentions .

Instant suggestions: Just click generate and the plugin will instantly craft titles for you

Lot’s of suggestions: Don’t like the current suggestion set just click “generate” again and the plugin will generate new titles for you

One click send: Found the killer title just click it and it will go to your title box

Responsive: Minimal 100% responsive interface

How to install ?

– Extract downloaded file from codecanyon you will find a folder called “www” . open it and you will find .zip file which is the right plugin file that should be uploaded to wordpress.

Need support

The plugin include free support . Got a problem ? don’t worry we have a help desk setup just for your help . submit a support ticket and we always happy to help make you happy choosing our plugin

Please contact me before rating the item so we can fix any issue together. also if you have any question feel free to ask  :) .


– Version:1.0.0 (3 MAR 2014)

  • Initial release

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