Pixel Knowledge Base (WordPress)

Pixel Knowledge Base allows you to create a simple, no-fuss knowledge base that reduces your inbound customer contacts instantly.

Restrict Knowledge Base Categories Based on User Roles

Are you running a membership service and only want to show certain knowledge base categories to certain users? easy!

With a few clicks of a button you can easily restrict what your members get to see.

Ajax Powered Search

Lightening quick ajax search returns the result your user wants fast with slick CSS3 animations.

Sort Results by Date, Views, Title and Votes Instantly!

Instantly order and sort any results with a click of the button…no page refresh needed!

Interactive Voting Experience

Our smart voting systems allows the user to help your community by voting for what was helpful and what was not.

Easily Categorize Your Knowledge Base

Pixel Knowledge Base comes with categories already registered, all you need to do it activate the plugin and your set to go.

Pixel Knowledge Base Key Features:

  • Seamless plug and play installation – no coding experience required
  • Restrict Knowledge Base Categories by any role
  • Custom Template Support
  • Smart Ajax Live Search
  • Sort by date, title, views or number or votes without refreshing the page
  • Unique Voting System
  • Knowledge Base Categories with 1/2/3 or 4 columns Per Row and drag and drop re-order
  • Change the knowledge base and associated category slug in a few simple steps
  • Lots of public template actions for developers to create unique layouts.
  • Gracefully degrades so compatible with all modern browsers
  • Lightweight Progressive CSS that inherits your themes styles by default – just 5KB when minified!
  • Found a bug? Our support service will push you to the front of the line and get it fixed.

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