Testimonials for Cornerstone (Add-ons)

Testimonials For Cornerstone is an addon for cornerstone page builder which allows you to showcase testimonials on your cornerstone powered website.

This plugin adds a new element named as testimonials to the cornerstone’s list of elements and allows you to have 3 different types of styles for the testimonials along with the option of choosing between grid and slider layout. You can also choose how many testimonials you want to display on each row and completely customize the look and feel of the testimonial items to match the design of your website.


  • Allows you to display testimonials as List, Grid and Slider view.
  • Bundled with 3 different styles with completely customizable options.
  • Easily choose how many testimonial items you want to display per line.
  • Completely customize the colors to match the look and feel of your website.
  • Allows you to put different types of styles and layouts on the same page.
  • 100% responsive with support for touch screen slider.
  • Works with all modern browsers and across all platforms.

Support & Queries

You can contact us directly via the comments section of the plugin or mail us on support@magnigenie.com
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