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Twitter Share Count – WordPress Plugin

Twitter Share Count is a unique work-around solution to the removal of the count box of the Tweet button. It allows you to get key information regarding this social media, with an admin pages called “Twitter Insights” and “Twitter Settings”.

In Twitter Insights you can view charts indicating the number of tweets (containing links of posts) in a certain period. You can also select a different post type and get valuable statistics about the number of tweet shares.

In the Tweet mentions tab you can review the tweets of a specific post or other post type. You will get the latest tweets containing a link, with the tweet text and who posted it (user).

The manual Cache button can help you cache the counting function independently from the other Sortable function. Of course when the default Sortable cache builds the social counts, it will take a note of the twitter links count as well.

With the Tweet button shortcode you can easily embed the counter in your posts or theme. Checkout the different sizes and button colors here.

With this addon you will get back the Sort by Twitter option of Sortable that was removed due to Twitter’s decision to remove the counter functionality API as a free service.

Note: This plugin only works if you have the Sortable plugin already installed.


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