Unlimited Pop-Ups WordPress Plugin (WordPress)

  1. Want to grab attention of your website visitor and direct them to take an action?
  2. Want to add Mailchimp and other email subscription forms and show these in modal box, or a pop-up with stylish animation?
  3. Want to highlight your product video when a user land on a certain page?

CSSJockey Unlimited Pop-Ups WordPress Plugin

With CSSJockey WordPress Pop-ups plugin you can create different kind of pop-ups with custom styles, colors, size, display options and include any type of content, HTML, CSS, Javascript and WordPress Shortcodes.

You can easily choose and configure different pop-ups to display on all pages or certain pages of your website. This plugin is optimized for speed to use just one check, instead of multiple checks if the displayed page is post, page category, archive etc. We match the pop-up display with the current displayed Url.

Here’s a list of all features that comes with this plugin:

  1. Unlimited Pop-Ups
    Create as many pop-ups as you want to display on all or specific pages of your website.
  2. 9 different locations
    You can choose to display any pop-up as a modal box, top bar, bottom bar, left panel, right panel and box on top left, top right, bottom left or bottom right.
  3. Unlimited colors & Styles
    You can choose differnet background color, text color, link color for each pop-up and make them unique. You can also specify padding for content and width of the pop-up to overwrite defaults.
  4. Any type of content
    You can specify any type of content to be displayed within the pop-up. You can use WordPress editor box to include content, images and any WordPress Shortcodes or you can use the metabox to insert any valid HTML, CSS or Javascript code.
  5. Miltiple Display Opitons
    You can choose to show a pop-up on all pages of your website or specify each Url where you want to display the pop-up.
  6. Pop-Up Delay in seconds
    You can choose to show the pop-up as soon as the page is done loading all elements or you can specify a number of seconds to delay the pop-up display.
  7. 66 animation types for in and out events
    You can choose from around 66 different types of animation styles to display and hide the pop-up. You can specify different animation of pop-up in and out event.
  8. Cookie based display
    If you don’t want to bug your users by displaying a pop-up again and again on a page or site, you can block a pop-up by sepcifying a number of days for cookie expiration.
  9. Scheduled Pop-Ups
    You can choose to show a pop-up within a specified datetime range. This is best if you are promoting any event or contest etc.
  10. onClick Binding
    You can specify a css .class-name or unique #id for a pop-up and include the class or id to any clickable HTML element. Pop-Ups with click events will only show on click event for the element and will not display on page load.
  11. Easy to setup
    You just need to install and activate this plugin and you will see a custom post type named Pop-Ups below Posts menu. You can then create, edit and delete pop-ups as we normally do with other posts.
  12. Translation ready
    Front-end display is all user generated content, however, if you wish to translate the admin area to another language, you can easily edit the .po file with POEDIT software.

Upgrades & Change Log

* Version 1.0.1 *

  • Initial release

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