Visual composer Popups and Notifications (Add-ons)

Visual Composer Popups adds the ability to create alerts (modal box) and notifications directly form your Visual Composer.

You can add Social media widgets (Facebook, twitter, Google plus etc) , shortcodes like those of gravity forms , Images or videos in alerts and notifications. You can also use multiple notifications on same page.

Features for Notifications:

  • Fontawesome Support to add icons in notifications
  • Ability to upload own image to as icon in notifications
  • 3 inbuilt themes and option to create own colour combinations with colour picker
  • 60+ animations for notifications
  • 6 Inbuilt sounds
  • Set Width for notifications
  • Ability to show/hide Close button
  • Make notifications Sticky
  • Ability to close notifications by clicking anywhere on them
  • Option to Set delay
  • Option to show delay indicator
  • Set Entrance and Exit animations
  • Set position of notifications (any corner of screen)
  • Option to set sound for notifications

Features for Alerts (Modal)

  • 3 inbuilt themes and option to create own colour combinations with colour picker
  • Option to make alerts dragged
  • Option to close with ESC key
  • Option to hide close button
  • Option to show overlay
  • Set height and width
  • Note: You need Visual Composer for this addon to work

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    Visual Popups – Email Optin WordPress Plugin (WordPress)

    Visual Optin is an email opt-in plugin for wordpress. You can create email popups on all the sides of your website. It can be embedded anywhwere on your website.With amazing features, unlimited colors, different orientation, layouts, real statistics, you can grow your subscriber lists.

    Features Overview

      Responsive & Retina Ready Design
      Choose From 6 Display Types
      Inline Visual Optins
      Blog Posts Visual Optins
      Automatic Visual Optins
      Widget Area Visual Optins
      Flying Visual Optins
      Locked Content Visual Optins
      16 Email Marketing Integrations
      200+ Pre-made Templates
      Unlimited Colors
      Fully Animated Optins
      Different Displays
      Anywhere Targets
      Innovative Dashboard
      Realtime Statistics
      A/B Testing
      Add Unlimited Accounts

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    Unlimited Pop-Ups WordPress Plugin (WordPress)

    1. Want to grab attention of your website visitor and direct them to take an action?
    2. Want to add Mailchimp and other email subscription forms and show these in modal box, or a pop-up with stylish animation?
    3. Want to highlight your product video when a user land on a certain page?

    CSSJockey Unlimited Pop-Ups WordPress Plugin

    With CSSJockey WordPress Pop-ups plugin you can create different kind of pop-ups with custom styles, colors, size, display options and include any type of content, HTML, CSS, Javascript and WordPress Shortcodes.

    You can easily choose and configure different pop-ups to display on all pages or certain pages of your website. This plugin is optimized for speed to use just one check, instead of multiple checks if the displayed page is post, page category, archive etc. We match the pop-up display with the current displayed Url.

    Here’s a list of all features that comes with this plugin:

    1. Unlimited Pop-Ups
      Create as many pop-ups as you want to display on all or specific pages of your website.
    2. 9 different locations
      You can choose to display any pop-up as a modal box, top bar, bottom bar, left panel, right panel and box on top left, top right, bottom left or bottom right.
    3. Unlimited colors & Styles
      You can choose differnet background color, text color, link color for each pop-up and make them unique. You can also specify padding for content and width of the pop-up to overwrite defaults.
    4. Any type of content
      You can specify any type of content to be displayed within the pop-up. You can use WordPress editor box to include content, images and any WordPress Shortcodes or you can use the metabox to insert any valid HTML, CSS or Javascript code.
    5. Miltiple Display Opitons
      You can choose to show a pop-up on all pages of your website or specify each Url where you want to display the pop-up.
    6. Pop-Up Delay in seconds
      You can choose to show the pop-up as soon as the page is done loading all elements or you can specify a number of seconds to delay the pop-up display.
    7. 66 animation types for in and out events
      You can choose from around 66 different types of animation styles to display and hide the pop-up. You can specify different animation of pop-up in and out event.
    8. Cookie based display
      If you don’t want to bug your users by displaying a pop-up again and again on a page or site, you can block a pop-up by sepcifying a number of days for cookie expiration.
    9. Scheduled Pop-Ups
      You can choose to show a pop-up within a specified datetime range. This is best if you are promoting any event or contest etc.
    10. onClick Binding
      You can specify a css .class-name or unique #id for a pop-up and include the class or id to any clickable HTML element. Pop-Ups with click events will only show on click event for the element and will not display on page load.
    11. Easy to setup
      You just need to install and activate this plugin and you will see a custom post type named Pop-Ups below Posts menu. You can then create, edit and delete pop-ups as we normally do with other posts.
    12. Translation ready
      Front-end display is all user generated content, however, if you wish to translate the admin area to another language, you can easily edit the .po file with POEDIT software.

    Upgrades & Change Log

    * Version 1.0.1 *

    • Initial release

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    Optin Bars Pack for Ninja Popups (Add-ons)

    Ninja Optin Bars – 16 new, well designed Bar Themes with unlimited colors and variants.
    Feel free to make your own configuration get more visitors on your website/blog with new designed responsive bar themes.

    Requirement: Ninja Popups for WordPress version 3.3 or later

    Ninja Optin Bars

    Key features:

    • 16 New, great designed popups with unlimited colors and variants
    • Top/bottom position of the bar
    • Very Easy to install
    • Responsive (works on mobiles)
    • Highly Customizable! (background, colors, fonts)
    • Lifetime free updates
    • Unlimited Bars with choosen theme
    • Translation Ready!
    • Excellent Customer Support (24h)
    • Powered by jQuery

    Ninja Optin Bars

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    BetterOptin – Stunning Popups for WordPress (WordPress)

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    An introduction to Better Optin

    Make sure to watch in HD ;)

    BetterOptin: The Visitors Friendly WordPress Popup Plugin

    Ok. Popups usually convert better. But how annoying are they? Do you know how much you piss your visitors off? Actually yes, you do. How much does it annoy YOU when a site throws a popup at your face as soon as you land on it?

    You know what? We’re just like you. We don’t like being harrassed when we browse the internet. That’s why we developed a new WordPress popup plugin: BetterOptin, a better way to use popups. And it converts even better!

    Why is BetterOptin Better?

    Not only because of its name obviously ;) Let me explain how it works and you’ll understand why it’s better right away…

    The Problem

    BetterOptin is based on a simple observation: people don’t like popups thrown at their face for no apparent reason.

    Seriously, let’s say you land on a site after a Google search. Maybe you’ll like the site. Maybe you’ll enjoy reading the content and you’ll become a subscriber. But what happens with traditional popups is you’re asked to subscribe / like / download this / do that before even reading a sentense!

    Some popup systems tried to change that by adding a delay before triggering the popup. But really? Will you be happier if a popup shows up in the middle of your reading? I don’t think so.

    With BetterOptin, you stay away from all these bad impressions given to visitors and you keep your brand image unharmed.

    Our Solution

    BetterOptin Exit-Intent

    With BetterOptin, you only ask people to complete an action (be it subscribing to your newsletter, downloading your e-book or else) at an appropriate moment. And this particular moment is when the visitor is about to leave without having completed the action first. This is called exit-intent.

    BetterOptin is capable of detecting when the visitors leaves your site and will trigger the popup just then.

    Your site WITHOUT BetterOptin

    Meet John. John is browsing your site. He found it after searching for “increase traffic on my blog” on Google.

    He is about to start reading the article he just found, and BOOM, a big popup appears covering all the content.

    “F#ck!”, says John, “I don’t even know what the hell this article is saying.”

    If you’re lucky, John will close the popup, read the article and then leave the site. Otherwise he’ll just close the tab. You lost him.

    Your site WITH BetterOptin

    Meet John. John is browsing your site. He found it after searching for “increase traffic on my blog” on Google.

    He’s read a couple of article and finds the content very useful. You just gave him a few tips for traffic growth, and John wants to try it right away on his own blog.

    John is about to leave your site and log-in his own to make a couple of changes and install the plugin you recommanded. He is dragging his cursor towards the “close tab” button, and BOOM, a nice designed popup asks his if he want to register to your newsletter.

    Actually, he didn’t even know you had a newsletter, but your tips and tricks were good. So let’s subscribe!

    Do You Care About John?

    If you do care about John, you won’t bother him with thing he doesn’t want to do just yet! Wait for the appropriate moment, and only then you’ll get John in your list ;)

    How Do I Create Popups?

    Creating a popup can take as little as a minute, but it can also take a lot more time if you want to fine tune it.

    The creation process is as follows:

    1. Choose a template

    Popup Template Selection

    The plugin comes with 8 pre-designed templates that you can customize. If you know HTML, you can even create your own template (see below “Templating System“).

    2. Customize the settings

    Popup Settings

    The popup behavior can be affected through various settings. For each popup, you’ll be able to decide:

    • How can the popup be closed,
    • For how long should a visitor NOT be bugged after he closed a popup,
    • The overlay color,
    • The overlay opacity
    3. Choose where to display the popup

    Popup Location

    Define where the popup will show up (everywhere on your site, on a specific page…). This allows for very targeted campaigns (see below “Create Targeted Campaigns“).

    And this is not limited to posts and pages! You can select any page from any post type you have on your site. This includes post types possibly added by other plugins.

    4. Customize the popup

    This is a big part of our pride! We have developed our own interface for popup customization. It is very simple and intuitive. It’s been intensively tested by real life users during a beta-test phase. To customize a popup element, just click it and all the available controls will instantly show up.


    Create Targeted Campaigns

    By mixing two features of BetterOptin, you can create highly targeted opt-in campains and optimize your sales. Let me explain…

    The first important feature is that you can create a popup that displays on specific pages only. This will allow for a non-intrusive experience. For instance, you can create a promotional popup for one of your partners that triggers only on the guest post your partner wrote.

    Now let’s go even further. The second interesting featured is the mailing list selection per popup (with MailChimp for now). So, still on the same popup, instead of sending the leads you collect to your general list, you can send them to a “Sponsor Interest” list, just for this popup.

    See? You just created an extremely targeted popup!

    Targeted Opt-In Campaigns

    Can I Compare Popups and Identify the Best Ones?

    We have developed an Analytics feature in BetterOptin that lets you see your overall performance during a specific period of time. You can also view the performance of each popup individually.

    For each popup our Analytics tool will show you:

    • Number of impressions
    • Number of converisons
    • Conversion rate


    Where Do My Leads Go?

    That’s an important part right? Well, at the time, the plugin has two possible destinations for the leads you collect:

    • WordPress itself
    • MailChimp

    Collecting Leads with WordPress

    If you decide to keep your leads in WordPress, BetterOptin creates a custom role allowing you to easily identify users who subscribed through one of your popups. However, you can define any role you want as the default role. Anyway, you’ll always be able to find the users that came through a popup as we mark them with a user meta. You’ll never loose leads in your users list!

    Collecting Leads with MailChimp

    If you decide to go with MailChimp, just set your API key. We will then retrieve your lists. No need to look deep down into MailChimp to find the list ID!

    Once you entered your API key and selected a destination list, you’re ready to create popups. But what if you want to send visitors who subscribed through one popup in a different list than the rest? Well, you can! And it’s pretty easy.

    During the popup creation process (or when you edit an existing popup), you can select a specific list… for each popup! That’s a great thing isn’t it? Now you can build very, very targeted lists.

    Technical Mumbo-Jumbo

    Because every once in a while somebody asks for technical specifities, here is a little technical stuff…

    Templating System

    You know HTML? You’ll love what you’re about to hear…

    One of the great advantages of BetterOptin is that we built it with a very, very simple templating system for popups. The plugin comes with 8 templates, but you can create your own. It only requires HTML. Just code the template as you would do for any HTML page, and add our “template tags” in data attributes. This will tell the customizer what he can or cannot customize.

    Custom Table & Statistics API

    In order to provide valuable insights without slowing down your site, BetterOptin uses a custom database table to save all the “hits”.

    As working with SQL queries is not safe if done the wrong way, we developed an API within the plugin to let you easily and safely interact with the custom table. No need to write any SQL queries, our helper functions will do it for you. Of course the API uses the WordPress $ wpdb object when working with the database.

    Titan Framework

    BetterOptin relies on Titan Framework to handle plugin options. This framework is built by expert WordPress developers and well maintained on GitHub.

    Addons Compatibility

    The beauty of BetterOptin (and a painful part for the developers ;)) is that it’s built around a flexible core, allowing for new features to be added as extensions of the plugin. This means that we will develop new features in the future, and, if you have the skills, you can do it too.


    Wanna know what’s coming next in BetterOptin? Check out the roadmap. You can also vote for the ideas you like best.


    Version 1.0.0

     - First stable version 


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    WordPress Ad Master – Popups, Sliding Ads (WordPress)

    WordPress Ad Master lets you create popups, sliders, floating buttons, on-page campaigns to engage your visitors and invite them to take action. You can easily show a newsletter subscription form, special offer, contact form, or social sharing buttons customized to your liking with the advanced settings Ad Master plugin introduces.

    Choose from a number of professionally designed templates, or create your custom look with a number of easy options. Create a highly engaging experience for your audience, and increase your subscriber base, social presence, and customer interaction with the Ad Master plugin.



    Create popup campaigns
    Create sliding ad campaigns
    Create corner ad campaigns
    Show floating button on your site
    Show custom exit message when user tries to leave the page
    Add on-page campaign
    Show rich text, video, or custom image in a campaign
    Show an optin form in a campaign (works with ALL major email providers)
    Show a contact form in a campaign (message is sent to the email address you specify)
    Show social sharing buttons in a campaign
    Set Start and End Date for your campaign
    Define where your campaign should be displayed on the site
    Show your campaign on page load / on page leave
    Set Display Delay time for your campaign
    Set Auto Close time for your campaign
    Enable Content Locking for a campaign
    Choose from a number of professional templates
    Choose from a number of custom close buttons
    Modify any of the advanced design settings
    Customize colors
    Use Visual Editor for content customization
    Show your campaign in a widget
    Check statistics for each of your campaigns

    Create Campaign

    Ad Master plugin lets you create different types of campaigns (popup, sliding ad, corner ad, floating button, on-page, rotating on-page, alert on leave) and add different types of call-to-actions to your campaign (optin subscription form, contact form, button, social sharing buttons).

    When creating a campaign, you can manage General Settings, Design Settings, and Content Settings of your campaign. In General settings, you can set Start and End dates for your campaign, display mode, display delay, auto close time, enable content locking.

    For Design settings, you can choose from a professionally designed templates, or you can create your custom one. You can modify any setting of your campaign to create a look that suits your website design and campaign goals.

    Customize campaign’s content in Content Settings section. Input your headline, text, add bulleted list, customize the form fields and button. You can also show video, or custom image in your campaign.

    Once done, save your campaign and it will instantly appear on your site. You can set to show it on all pages of your site, or only in the selected category, post, or page.

    Manage Campaigns

    You have a number of options to manage your campaigns. You can edit the campaign, and the changes will instantly appear on the site. You can copy the campaign, which is useful when you are creating similar campaigns for different sections of your site. You can pause and further resume the campaign, and you can delete it.

    Ad Master plugin provides detailed statistics for each of your campaigns, such as number of views, unique impressions, clicks, and effectiveness rate. You can view detailed information for each of the above parameters.

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    SmartADV – Tooltips, Banners and Popups for WP (Advertising)

    Unlimited Tooltips and Popups ADVs

    Smart ADV will inject your advertises (banner, video, html, text, audio, specific code and much more..) into unlimited tooltips and popups.
    The revolution of Smart ADV is its key density analyzer!
    It will inject into a page only inherent advertises calculating all words in the content you wrote and choosing the most suitable advertise!

    • Popup and Tooltip HTML ready
    • Popup and Tooltip media ready
    • Popup and Tooltip code ready
    • 13 css Tooltip styles preloaded
    • CSS3 Border and CSS3 Shadow Tooltips ready
    • 2 Entry Popup fade effects
    • Categories ADV ready

    The item is in the contest: Envato’s Most Wanted: Marketing Plugins & Code


    qTip jQuery Library
    Custom-Meta-Boxes by humanmage
    Reveal jQuery Plugin
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    Contact Forms Pack for Layered Popups (Add-ons)

    Contact Forms Pack is a set of pre-defined premium multi-layer popups (10 pieces) for Layered Popups WordPress Plugin and Layered Popups Script. With this pack you can make your website more attractive, unique and effective. Use these popups as a start point for your creativity and build your own contact form popups. It’s easy!

    IMPORTANT! Make sure you installed Layered Popups WordPress Plugin (version 2.0 or above) or Layered Popups Script (version 2.0 or above).

    Package Content

    Contact Forms Pack contains 10 pre-defined multi-layer popups (files are named as contact-01.txt, contact-02.txt, etc.). Import them into your Layered Popups installation.


    Please visit official Contact Forms Pack – Layered Popups demo page and check out 10 contact form popups.


    1. Make sure you installed Layered Popups WordPress Plugin (version 2.0 or above) or Layered Popups Script (version 2.0 or above).
    2. Go to WP dashboard or script admin area.
    3. Go to “Popups” page.
    4. Click “Import Popup” button and select desired popup file (files are named as contact-01.txt, contact-02.txt, etc.).
    5. Unblock newly imported popup.
    6. Enjoy!

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