WooCommerce Google Wallet Payment Gateway (WooCommerce)

Google Wallet is a free digital wallet that securely stores your credit cards, debit cards, loyalty cards offers and more. With Google Wallet, you can shop in stores and buy online.

In the United States, you can use Google Wallet to shop in stores. Outside of the United States, you can shop online using Google Wallet to make purchases in over 125 countries, and at online merchants in over 160 countries and territories.

Plugin Features

Set Shop Hour(s) Day(s) and Timezone – Smart, virtual wallet that saves you time and money. – Safe and Secure Checkout Process. – Accepts Major Credit Cards / Debit Cards and bank accounts. Sources Checkout -Option to set Seller Identifier. -Option to set Seller Secret Key. Easy Extension Settings Enabled – this setting will enable the gateway which will be used by customers to checkout. Title – this setting will appear for the payments during checkout. this will be shown on the page- Order Received. Description – this will appear under the setting – Title, during customer’s checkout.Please note that once environment is not “Production” a “Sandbox” notice will be shown. Return Url – used to choose Return Page or Thank you page. Environment – this setting is used to post transactions to. You can either set this to: a) Production – if you are using Payment Gateway Production / Live Account b) Sandbox – if you are using Payment Gateway Sandbox / Test Account

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