WooCommerce Personalized Checkout Page (Miscellaneous)

The First and only plugin to customize WooCommerce Checkout Page by adding Extra Fields based on Conditions. And also allow admin to Disable/Enable Shipping and Payment Methods based on Conditions. This plugin interface is nice and easy to manage all conditions on one page. There are five type of conditions will handle to add extra fees or disable/enable shipping and payment methods:

  1. Cart Total
  2. Shipping Methods
  3. Payment Methods
  4. Shipping Country
  5. Products in Cart


Extra Fees can be added as Fixed or Percentage with Taxable option.

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Cart Total

Based on this condition admin can customize checkout page in three ways:

  1. Add extra fee
  2. Disable/Enable Shipping Method
  3. Disable/Enable Payment Method


Following screenshot give you an idea how it works. Under Conditions you can set a Rule based on Amount like described in screenshot below and Then you can add extra fee or disable/enable shipping and payment methods on checkout page.



Shipping & Payment Methods

These conditions allow admin to add extra fees only based on Shipping and Payment methods. It loads all active methods for both and then admin can add extra fees based on selected methods. It’s well described in screenshot below:

Shipping methods

Payment methods

Countries Conditions

This condition allow admin to set extra fee, Shipping and Payment Methods based on selected Shipping Country as shown in screenshot below:



Products in Cart

It works exactly like above condition, but the only difference is that it’s based on products added to cart.

Products in cart conditions


  • Add Extra Fees
  • Fixed/Percentage Amount
  • Taxable Extra Fee
  • Disable/Enable Payment Methods
  • Disable/Enable Shipping Methods
  • Nice and Simple Interface

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