WooCommerce Checkout Newsletter – MailChimp (Integrations)

If you have been looking for a way to sync your WooCommerce customer information with your MailChimp account then this is the perfect plugin for you! With this plugin you can synchronise your customer checkout data with MailChimp seamlessly.

Install the plugin within seconds and you will have the power to select which WooCommerce customer fields you wish to save the data from in MailChimp. With this data you can then create targeted emails to send out to your database using MailChimp.

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WooCommerce Checkout Newsletter – Campaign Monitor (Integrations)

If you have been looking for a way to sync your WooCommerce customer information with your Campaign Monitor account then this is the perfect plugin for you! With this plugin you can synchronise your customer checkout data with Campaign Monitor seamlessly.

Install the plugin within seconds and you will have the power to select which WooCommerce customer fields you wish to save the data from in Campaign Monitor. With this data you can then create targeted emails to send out to your database using Campaign Monitor.

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JC WooCommerce Multistep Checkout (WooCommerce)

Improve your websites checkout experience and help out your users by converting WooCommerce’s default checkout experience into an easy to follow multistep checkout.

Control what is displayed within each step by targeting specific elements on the checkout page, or by using a choice of built in pre-set variables. This plugin should also work well with non standard checkout sections.

With responsive styles built in, and the ability to customise the look and feel with the built in style customiser.

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WooCommerce Personalized Checkout Page (Miscellaneous)

The First and only plugin to customize WooCommerce Checkout Page by adding Extra Fields based on Conditions. And also allow admin to Disable/Enable Shipping and Payment Methods based on Conditions. This plugin interface is nice and easy to manage all conditions on one page. There are five type of conditions will handle to add extra fees or disable/enable shipping and payment methods:

  1. Cart Total
  2. Shipping Methods
  3. Payment Methods
  4. Shipping Country
  5. Products in Cart


Extra Fees can be added as Fixed or Percentage with Taxable option.

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Cart Total

Based on this condition admin can customize checkout page in three ways:

  1. Add extra fee
  2. Disable/Enable Shipping Method
  3. Disable/Enable Payment Method


Following screenshot give you an idea how it works. Under Conditions you can set a Rule based on Amount like described in screenshot below and Then you can add extra fee or disable/enable shipping and payment methods on checkout page.



Shipping & Payment Methods

These conditions allow admin to add extra fees only based on Shipping and Payment methods. It loads all active methods for both and then admin can add extra fees based on selected methods. It’s well described in screenshot below:

Shipping methods

Payment methods

Countries Conditions

This condition allow admin to set extra fee, Shipping and Payment Methods based on selected Shipping Country as shown in screenshot below:



Products in Cart

It works exactly like above condition, but the only difference is that it’s based on products added to cart.

Products in cart conditions


  • Add Extra Fees
  • Fixed/Percentage Amount
  • Taxable Extra Fee
  • Disable/Enable Payment Methods
  • Disable/Enable Shipping Methods
  • Nice and Simple Interface

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WooCommerce Additional Checkout Fields (WooCommerce)


WooCommerce® Additional Checkout Fields is an awesome WordPress / WooCommerce® plugin which makes it possible to add multiple type of fields to the frontend checkout form and backoffice order form. This plugin is compatible with every WordPress template (which plays by the rules). Just install the plugin, setup basics and your WooCommerce® Additional Checkout Fields is ready to be used.


WooCommerce® Additional Checkout Fields plugin can be used to add multiple field types to the frontend or bachend such as text inputs, textareas, dropdowns, and checkboxes with unlimited multiple choices.


WooCommerce® Additional Checkout Fields plugin lets you add fields to the billing part of the form, shipping or both. You decide where and how they appear.


WooCommerce® Additional Checkout Fields plugin not only gives you the ability to add fields to an order, but also to an user or customer. The wide range of options of multiple fields is also available for users.


Regardless of how many options WooCommerce® Additional Checkout Fields plugin has added to the customer record, all that data is automatically filled out when selecting an user on the order page in the backend. And if you make any adjustments there, when hitting the Save Order button, the information gets synced against the customer record. Can’t get any much easier.


WooCommerce® Additional Checkout Fields plugin allows you to separate between frontend forms and backend forms. Imagine you have to add some special options only for store managers or specific products when creating an order in the backend, or you want to show some special option only at checkout, this plugins makes this tasks possible.


This plugin works well together with another very useful plugin called WooCommerce® Automatic Customer Creation for people who want to autosave customer information when creating an order from the backend side.


+ WooCommerce® Additional Checkout Fields v1.2     - (hopefully) bug free release for Code Canyon 

+ WooCommerce® Additional Checkout Fields v1.1     - bug corrections and late adaptation of autofill features 

+ WooCommerce® Additional Checkout Fields v1.0     - first release 

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WooCommerce Checkout Easy Upload (Miscellaneous)

WooCommerce Checkout Easy Upload

Easily enable customers upload patterns, images,…before checkout securely with Virus Scanner from VirusTotal and MetaScan.

woocommerce checkout page template compatible with avada theme, enfold theme woocommerce checkout page template compatible with woocommerce 2.4, wordpress 4.3, mailchimp mandrill

If you have ever wonder how to allow user upload files through your WooCommerce checkout page, to exend and optimize revenue by added value, this is the best and easiest way to do that.

This plugin will help enable you to allow customer upload their file easily, with extensive options which will help you control the uploaded files by customers.

Plugin itself came up with the secure upload files with 3 layers verification, which will erase the worrying from being hacked or exploited through uploading method.

Also, if you have used VirusTotal online scanning service, or strong Meta Scanner, now you will be experienced it right in your WordPress installation. We will automatically scan the files which uploaded by customers automatically and notify you if someone trying to upload suspicious files like malwares, bad hacking scripts or even virus.

It is built for flexibility, so that you can choose where to display upload file button on the checkout page, up to 6 position!!.

WooCommerce Checkout Easy Upload

If you’re not so sure about the result of auto-scanner, you can manually re-scan easily in order detail

scan virus file wordpress woocommerce

We’re also made it for you to easily manage the files uploaded by customer, you will know that image is linked to what order, easy as piece of cake!!!

This upload plugin is best used for following purpose (suggestion):

– Textile patterns for Fashion shops – Recipes for bank transfer – get delivered products faster – Instruction/Map guider images

There’s a lot of more things you can do with this plugin, as long as it’s something can be uploaded.

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Checkout – WordPress eCommerce Theme (eCommerce)

Launch your own digital store or marketplace with Checkout!

With Checkout and Easy Digital Downloads, you can create your own digital goods store to sell stock photography, audio files, eBooks, video and more.

Checkout also includes several beautifully-designed templates to help you create a professional and elegant business or portfolio website. Create a Team page, add pricing tables, testimonials and more!

Turn your website into a full-blown marketplace.

Checkout Download Page

Using the EDD Marketplace Bundle (sold separately), you can turn your store into a multi-vendor marketplace, where vendors can submit products for sale on your website. Enable the Commissions extension (included in the Marketplace bundle) to earn a cut of every sale made on your website!

The Marketplace bundle also allows you to add product reviews, wish lists, recommended products and more.

A slick dashboard for your vendors.

Checkout Vendor Dashboard

We’ve detailed every inch of the EDD Marketplace Bundle extension, creating a beautiful and simple to use dashboard for your vendors to manage their products and sales.

The Vendor dashboard enables you to edit and manage products, add new products, respond to comments, view earnings and more.

Typekit fonts built in.

Typekit Fonts

We’ve partnered with Typekit to bring premium, top-quality fonts to your website. We handle everything, all you have to do is activate your theme license and you instantly have premium fonts from Typekit. You don’t even need an account!

Checkout features Proxima Nova, a modern, geometric sans-serif with super clean lines, which gives your typography a bold, modern and professional appearance. Yes, it really is that nice!

Show us what you’re working on.

Typekit Fonts

Looking to build a business, agency or portfolio site instead? You can also use Checkout to build a handsome, minimal portfolio to show off your latest photography, design work, audio projects or video. Use the elegant gallery lightbox to showcase a series of images.

Check out the business and portfolio demo.

Introduce your team.

Checkout Team Template

Checkout includes a Team page and a Gravatar Profile widget that lets you introduce your team members with a brief profile and links. If you don’t already have a Gravatar account, it’s super simple to get started and create a profile.

Add your company story below the team grid to turn this page into a beautiful About page.

Getting Started Dashboard

Checkout Getting Started Page

When you activate Checkout, you’ll be redirected to the Getting Started page. Here, you can view the extensive help file, view and install recommended plugins, browse FAQ’s, view Checkout’s latest updates and activate your theme license. We update this dashboard regularly with helpful tips and solutions.

Designed to adapt seamlessly to any display or device.

Checkout Mobile Design

Checkout features a slick, responsive design, meaning your site will adapt to fit any screen size, from desktops down to mobile phones. All pages and features have been optimized to work on every device.

With the mobile-optimized checkout, users can even checkout on the go and claim their download via email when they return to a computer. Don’t lose out on mobile sales!

Checkout Features

Frequently asked questions.

What can I build with Checkout?

Checkout enables you to create a digital store of any kind! You can create a stock photography website, you can sell your audio files, full albums, ebooks, videos, design resources and more!

Using the Marketplace bundle for Easy Digital Downloads (see below), you can turn your site into a full-blown marketplace that enables users to submit files for sale on your website. Enable the Commissions extension to make a cut of every sale made on your website!

What is Easy Digital Downloads?

Easy Digital Downloads (EDD) is a free WordPress plugin that enables you to sell digital goods on your website. EDD is entirely optional and is only required if you would like to sell digital products on your website. Although EDD is 100% free, you can also purchase extensions to add more features to your site, making it as minimal or powerful as you’d like.

What is the Marketplace bundle?

The Marketplace bundle is a collection of extensions that have been specifically chosen for users that wish to setup a marketplace with Easy Digital Downloads. These extensions add features like Frontend User Submissions, Reviews, Recommended Products and Wish Lists, allowing you to create a single or multi-user marketplace. Checkout was designed to integrate seamlessly with all of the extensions in the Marketplace bundle.

The Marketplace bundle is not required to sell your products with Easy Digital Downloads, only if you want to create a marketplace. Checkout and Easy Digital Downloads function as a standalone digital store out of the box.

What is a Typekit font?

Typekit is a font subscription service that offers top-quality fonts from the world’s best foundries, for use on the web. We’ve partnered with Typekit to bring these professionally-designed fonts to your website!

Why is it important to have finely-crafted typography? Typography can be very influential on visitors to your site, and can have a stunning effect when done properly. Typography draws in your visitor and sets the tone for your content. For this reason, we’ve chosen to feature Proxima Nova in Checkout, a super clean, modern sans-serif font with a bold, professional appearance.

What plugins are recommended with Checkout?

We’ve added a list of recommended plugins below. All of the plugins are optional, but some are required to create a website similar to the Checkout demo. To get the most out of Checkout, you’ll at least want to install the Array Toolkit (free) and Easy Digital Downloads (free).

If you’d like to build a business/portfolio site with a digital store, you’ll need to add a few of the following plugins.

  • Array Toolkit
    Adds portfolio and testimonial features. Free plugin.
  • Easy Digital Downloads
    Sell digital goods on your website. Free plugin.
  • Subtitles
    Add subtitles to your posts and pages. Free plugin.
  • Contact Form 7
    Add contact forms to your website. Free plugin.
  • Mailbag
    Add MailChimp or Campaign Monitor email subscription forms. Free plugin.

If you would like to build your own digital marketplace as seen in the Checkout Marketplace demo, you’ll need to add a few of the following plugins, depending on which features you want on your marketplace.

  • Marketplace Bundle
    Discounted bundle of all the extensions listed below. Sold separately.
  • Front End Submissions
    Allow users to submit files for sale on your site. Sold separately.
  • Reviews
    Allow users to leave comments and reviews on your products. Sold separately.
  • Recommended Products
    Show a cross sell of recommended products. Sold separately.
  • Commissions
    Collect a commission on sales made on your marketplace. Sold separately.
  • Social Login
    Allow users to login and checkout with social networks. Sold separately.
  • Wish Lists
    Allow users to save and share their favorite products. Sold separately.
  • Simple Shipping
    Adds shipping fields to checkout for physical goods. Sold separately.

Are you able to help me if I have trouble with the theme?

Most definitely! We’re happy to help answer any questions you might have about Checkout during setup or general use. We’ve put together a pretty handy help file to get you started, and we monitor our support forum closely to provide quick answers.

Can I sell physical goods with Checkout?

Checkout works best as a digital goods store, however, with the Simple Shipping extension (sold separately) for Easy Digital Downloads, you can sell physical goods on your site. Collect shipping details at checkout to send out your physical goods!

Latest theme updates.

We update Checkout regularly with bug fixes and feature additions. Check out the latest changes to checkout by viewing the readme file.

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Advanced Checkout – AdPress Addon (Advertising)

Advanced Checkout for AdPress

Advanced Checkout for AdPress provide a smooth and easy front-facing interface for users to checkout and buy Ads on your blog. Advanced Checkout is very easy to use, doesn’t require any configuration, and easy to customize and style.
This is an add-on for AdPress http://codecanyon.net/item/adpress-wordpress-ad-manager/1510785

How to Install

Simply upload and activate the plugin. Advanced Checkout will automatically create the checkout pages, and assign the required settings.

4 pages are created

  • Checkout Page
  • Success Page
  • Failure Page
  • Cancel Page

Version Log

Version 1.0 2015-01-20

 Initial Release 

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WooCommerce MultiStep Checkout Wizard PRO (WooCommerce)

With MultiStep Checkout Wizard PRO you can change default WooCommerce Checkout page to the modern and easy step-by-step checkout.

Most rated ecommerce stores use it and their customers are happy to do fast purchase with wizard


  • Customize each element
  • Different styles
  • Login as separate step if purchase only for registred users
  • Validation alert for each step


If you have any questions, please contact us profile page or email support AT festi DOT io

Also, if have any suggestions and ideas to make this plugin better, please write to us. If it will be interesting – we can do it FREE for you!

WooCart Pro


1.0 (August 25 2014) * First release

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Woocommerce Custom Checkout (WooCommerce)

The woocommerce custom checkout field plugin provides you with an interface to add, edit and remove fields shown on your WooCommerce checkout page. Fields can be added and removed from the billing and shipping sections, as well as inserted after these sections next to the standard ‘order notes’.

The editor supports several types for custom fields including text, select, checkboxes and datepickers.

Core fields can also be moved around giving you more control over your checkout without touching the code.

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