WooCommerce Promotion Manager (WooCommerce)

Promotion Manager is a WooCommerce plugin that allows you to manage multiple promotion campaigns where you can set product sale price with flexible rules and schedules. Using Promotion Manager plugin you can set dynamic discounts with various pricing methods and schedule promotions by dates and/or days to boost sales of your eCommerce website.

Promotion Manager


  • 10% Discount for T-shirts Every Weekend (valid from June to August)
  • 30% Off for Selected Products, Only on Monday
  • Promo for Poster Products, $ 2 off in June (except on Saturday)
  • All Music Albums are $ 6.99 (normally $ 9) on Monday and Wednesday
  • 20% Discount for Selected T-shirts every Weekend in June, 10% in July but on Weekdays
  • All products which don’t have any discount will have 10% discount during shop opening period
  • and many more scenarios!


  • Setup multiple promotion campaigns to set products’ sale price
  • Set campaign schedule by dates
  • Set campaign schedule by days
  • Select any products to be included in a campaign
  • Select product categories to be included in a campaign
  • Choose price adjustment method to calculate the product sale price:
    • Discount by Percentage (%)
    • Discount by Amount
    • Fixed Price
  • Quick editing campaign for easy and fast campaign management
  • Integration with Product form to specify campaign for a product
  • Set minimum price for each product
  • Filter by any promotion campaign on Product List
  • Since the plugin is deeply integrated with WordPress and WooCommerce, it brings many benefits:
    • Has the same user interface as WordPress administration
    • There is no additional database table needed
    • Works seamlessly with any WordPress themes that support WooCommerce
    • Works seamlessly with any WooCommerce widgets

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