Sintro – Breaks & Timeouts Manager

Sintro – Breaks & Timeouts Manager A simple and straightforward breaks & timeouts (time clock) management system, that allows you to monitor breaks and away time of your team. Whether it’s a small team or large company with different teams and accounts. Time management is a critical success factor in all industries and environments, especially […]

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Codeigniter Bootstrap Upload Manager

This is image media manager script. It is built with Codeigniter 3 and Bootstrap 3. This script helps the developer to manage uploading file. With the help of this script you can add all images at one place and use the image any in your any kind of form. This is similar to WordPress media […]

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WooCommerce License Manager (WooCommerce)

WooCommerce License Manager is a WordPress plugin that allow you to easily sell license keys, pin codes, gift card or license your digital product with predefined or automatically generate license keys


  • Add License Key
  • Add automatic generator rule
  • License keys status notifications
  • Bulk delete/change license status
  • Edit/Delete license keys individually
  • Tracking API
  • Email purchased license keys after order completion
  • Import/Export License Keys
  • Import/Export automatic generator setting
  • Import/Export plugin setting
  • Easy to use
  • Fully documented
  • Translation ready

You can download the documentation form this link: Documentation

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Portfolio Manager Pro – WordPress Responsive Portfolio & Gallery (Galleries)

Content Manager

The Ultimate WordPress Portfolio Solution

One plugin that includes everything you may think of!

All in one Portfolio Solution for WordPress

We created this solution for all:

  • Big and small agencies
  • Designers and developers
  • Site owners
  • Coders and no coders
  • Beginners and advanced users

It is simply one plugin that includes everything you may think of. Easy and very efficient.

Support and Updates

You are not only purchasing a great piece of code full of features. You also purchase regular updates, constant improvements, detailed documentation, training videos and a whole support team that is here for you.

  • This plugin works on any WordPress theme.
  • Includes detailed documentation and training videos.
  • If you need any help please do not hesitate to open a support ticket. We are here to help 24/7.
  • We keep everything up to date and add improvements constantly.
  • Missing a feature? – let us know.

Single portfolio items

  • Portfolio items are well organized in a portfolio custom post type, categories, tags, unlimited item details.
  • 5 ready to use templates are not enough? Create your own with the Template Builder – it is all drag&drop, fast and easy.
  • Lots of portfolio options – titles, contents, 5 media types, tabs, portfolio details, related posts slider, social share, navigation, lightbox, sidebars.

Portfolio lists

  • 35+ ready to use list templates. Select list content, modify layout and style your list to get the content and the look you want – advanced portfolio items selection options, drag&drop content re-arranging, list titles, lightboxes, tons of controls, hovers, backgrounds, borders, delimiters, social icons, paginations, media types and settings, styling and more. Category & Tag Archive Pages are also included.
  • Page Builder – The plugin includes a page builder that can help in building advanced layouts containing different templates on one page. You can also have full width background color, image, pattern, video. Full width content and full row height too. It’s all drag&drop, fast and easy!
  • Place your lists anywhere in your site by using the list’s shortcode, a widget, the page builder.


  • 40+ Templates
    Portfolio lists, Single Portfolio items, Page Builder
  • Custom Post type
    Well Organized in custom post type, categories, tags, portfolio details
  • Advanced Portfolio items selection, Order and Limits
    Any combination of portfolio items in any order
  • Drag & Drop Content re-arrangement
    Re-arranging items content – Title, Media, Details, Description, View Project
  • Pagination types
    Standard pages, Load more, Infinite Scroll
  • 5 Media types
    Image, Slider, Youtube, Vimeo, Soundcloud
  • Advanced media management
    Cropping features, image formats and options
  • 20 Hover effects
    Select the hover that best fits your theme
  • Shortcodes and Widgets
    Place portfolio lists anywhere anywhere in your site
  • Lightboxes
    Available for portfolio lists and single portfolio items
  • Styling options
    Nice interface and custom css
  • Single portfolio items
    Tons of content options, ready templates, custom page builder
  • Drag & Drop Page Builder included
    Build advanced portfolio pages, combine templates on one page
  • Translation/Localization
    Follows WordPress I18n standards. Comes with .po .mo files

What clients say

Great plugin with tons of features but even better – Amazing Customer Support. The best I have seen for any plugin. This will make you become a repeat customer ! : – )

Awesome, awesome support. Goes the extra distance to support their plugin if asked. Would recommend them to anyone and will use them for future client sites.

Support means everything. Good that you have a great support.

Simple, lightweight, flexible. Excellent customer support.

Excellent plugin – exactly what I was look for – very flexible and helpful, quick response to support query. Would definitely buy again. Thank you!

Theme Authors and Developers – ThemeForest or elsewhere

Include this item in your themes and give your users tons of Portfolio functionality. All you need is 1 extended license for each theme you put on the market and permission from the author which you get by writing us:


Version 2.0 (14.06.2016)

  • Added: Row Settings for Page Builder and Items Template Builder – full width, height, background image, color, video, animations
  • Added: Get a quote item in single portfolio items
  • Added: Option to automatically add alt and/or title to the image tags in post lists

Version 1.0 (10.01.2016)

  • Initial release

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FAQ Manager (Utilities)

We created the FAQ Manager to help people easily add FAQ sections via shortcode, widget, or WooCommerce tab.

FAQ Manager plays nice with other big boys such as Visual Composer, WooCommerce and WPML.

But the unique feature that no other FAQ plugin has, and we’re proud of, is that users can ask questions on the frontend via out of the box contact form. Those questions will create a new custom post “faq” and will be saved as draft on the FAQ list, waiting for the admin or moderator to answer it.
Once they do, it will be automatically shown among the other FAQ’s.

Unique Features

CodeCanyon new WordPress items

Listing Manager – Directory & Listings for WooCommerce (Miscellaneous)

Listing Manager – Directory & Listings Plugin for WooCommerce


  • Fully supported WooCommerce
  • Front end submission
  • Package system
  • Claim listing
  • Custom filters
  • Inquire form
  • Login, register, change password, renew password
  • Google Maps
  • Event date start support
  • Contact information
  • Set listing GPS
  • Branding information
  • Opening hours
  • Listing price support
  • Report listing
  • Price formatting
  • Favorite listing
  • Inquire after login support
  • Social connections support
  • Locations & Amenities support
  • Listing categories and tags
  • Photo galleries
  • Pricing tables
  • Write listing reviews


  • Images on our demo site are not a part of package. Downloadable package contains only placeholders.


Tags: event, map, ad, advertisement, automotive, business, car, company, directory, frontend submission, listing, real estate, woocommerce

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Advanced Restaurant Food and Menu Manager (WordPress)

“Advanced Restaurant Food and Menu Manager” is super flexible, most advanced and easy customiztion Restaurant food/menu WordPress plugin on codecanyon. You can easily use this plugin this plugin on your fast food shop, restaurant as well as any kinds of food shop. There have a ton of features and million of possibilty. You can use your food menu as catelogue or E-commerce anytime just single a click. This plugin fully supported with Woocommerce as well as their payment gateways. This plugin also support WPML.

Video Promo :

30+ ready template with million of possibilities :

One Click Shop Install :

General main features :

  • 100% responsive.
  • 30+ ready templates with unlimitted colors, background, overlays, animations and live preview on shortcode or archive page. This have million of possibilities of styles.
  • Device wise Resposive grid/Masonry grid/Slider/Carousel.
  • 23 animated filter menu (Drag-drop manage) with unlimited style and live preview.
  • Book style or Tab based filter menu.
  • Advanced category with background image, image or custom font based icon.
  • 100+ custom food icons with preview.
  • AJAX based higly customized modal/single page with live preview.
  • Advanced Slideshow on modal/single page with 13 transitions animations, Kurnburn effect, Lightbox and others advanced options.
  • Parallax background and scroll animations.
  • AJAX/No-AJAX based higly customized archive page with live preview.
  • Advanced optional search with customizable styles.
  • Advanced pagination with customizable styles.
  • AJAX based like options.
  • Ribbon/Status options with unlimited colors.
  • Advanced Cuisine/Tags.

Shop features :

  • Catalogue or Woocommerce based shop.
  • One click convert Catalogue to Woocommerce or Woocommerce to Catalogue.
  • Drag-dropable extra options(product addon) with price.
  • Advanced order management.
  • Advanced cart with extra options.
  • Any product display hide or show options of Woocommerce default shop.
  • Higly customized with style/typography.

Typography features (anywhere) :

  • 650+ Google.
  • Font Family.
  • Font Size.
  • Line height.
  • Font weight.
  • Font style.
  • Text trnasfomation.
  • Unlimited colors.
  • Any buttons colors, background, border, border radius etc.
  • Cart button unlimited styles.
  • Quantity button unlimited styles.
  • And many more Typography options.

Others Features:

  • Ready Visual Composer element.
  • Ready Widget.
  • WPML Supported.
  • Lifetime updates.
  • Dummy data included.
  • 24*7 dedicated support.
  • Well documentrations.
  • Video tutorials.
  • Many more…..

CodeCanyon new WordPress items

Sponsorship Manager (Miscellaneous)

Sponsorship Manager is a full featured WordPress plugin for managing and displaying the sponsors for your event.

Sponsors can be displayed in list form or in a logo ticker anywhere in your theme using widgets and shortcodes.

The sponsors may be displayed in list or slider form, using a widget or shortcode:

  • slider [swp-sponsors style=”slider”]
  • list [swp-sponsors style=”list”]


  • Easy installation
  • Responsive displays
  • Unlimited sponsorship levels and sponsors
  • Specify company name, link, bio and logo for each sponsor
  • Drag and drop ordering of sponsors and levels
  • Display anywhere on your site using the short code or widget
  • Display as a list or in a logo slider
  • Configurable image box size
  • Configurable slider speed and spacing
  • Use your theme’s default styles to seamlessly integrate into your website

Display Options

  • Enable/disable sponsor titles
  • Enable/disable bio
  • Filter by level, with or without level titles

Slider Features

Uses the popular bxSlider script for the sponsor logo ticker:

  • Responsive
  • CSS transitions
  • Configure your speed and logo spacing

Options for Shortcode and Widget

  • style: “slider” or “list”. Default is list.
  • levels: comma separated list of level slugs. Default is to display all levels.
  • sponsor_titles: true to display sponsor titles, false otherwise. Default is true.
  • bio: true to display sponsor bio, false otherwise. Default is true.
  • level_titles: true to display level titles, false otherwise. Default is true.

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Twitter Manager WP Plugin (Social Networking)

Get ready to skyrocket your twitter followers. This automated plugin developed for WordPress takes keywords, hashtags and Twitter ID’s you enter and gets you the most targeted followers imaginable. All of this happens automatically after you take 30 minutes to install and setup the module. Just think, 24 hours a day this module goes out and and finds you followers.

Lets take a dieting website as an example. We can enter diet, dieting, #diet, #dieting in this module, it will run every time you set it up to run, and it will find people who are posting tweets based on diet, dieting or with the hashtags. It then follows those users. Those users then follow you back. You can gain 10’s, Hundreds and in cases thousands of followers every day using our Twitter Manager. That is just the beginning, The twitter Manager manages the people who do not follow you back, it posts your content automatically to twitter, lets you search twitter directly from the module, shows logs of all activity and much more.

We are long time developers with an impeccable record of developing enterprise applications for clients around the world. The products we have here are time tested by us and are used on a daily basis by all our direct clients.

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Pixel Ad Manager for WordPress (Advertising)

Pixel Ad Manager will turbo charge the revenue your site generates by allowing you to sell Advertising space directly on your website on autopilot using PayPal.

Sell Advertising Space Yourself

With seamless PayPal integration, easy set-up and a dedicated knowledge base, Pixel Ad Manager makes it easy to cut out the middle man and sell advertising space on your website on auto pilot.

Easy to Access Advert, Ad-slot and Ordering Form Stats

We created a dedicated statistics pages so you can see up to date performance information on the fly. To top it off, each advert, order and ad-slot has it own dedicated statistics as well.

PayPal Integrated

Accepting payments is easy with seamless PayPal integration with order status and refunds all from your WordPress dashboard.

Image, Adsense and Script Advert Types

With 3 different advertising types, you can maximise you profits in various ways

Responsive Ready

Dedicated responsive sizing support to each ad slot

Manually Approve & Disapprove Adverts

Manually Approve or Disapprove adverts on a per ad-slot basis.

Create Place holder Adverts

Maximize revenue by showing place holder adverts until you make a sale.

Full-control, In your hands

We didn’t make any assumptions about what you might want to do with your site, we left full-control in your hands while providing a good set of defaults and options.

Sell by CPD, CPM and CPC

Buyers can choose to pay by the day, pay per thousand views or per click, leaving them to decide the best advertising strategy.

I8ln Support

Translate the plugin with ease with full I8ln support. We have even translated the plugin into French and German as standard.

CodeCanyon new WordPress items