WP Ultimate Demo – Seamless WordPress Demo Plugin (WordPress)

WP Ultimate Demo

WP Ultimate Demo plugin helps you create a demo website to let your users try your awesome product in both frontend and backend before they decided, therefore gain more trust, grow your conversation rate.

All users tested data will be cleanup in your decided routine, you can set to cleanup each hour, each day, or whatever you want…

WP Ultimate Demo Simple Your Process

WP Ultimate Demo Core Features...

WP Ultimate Demo Features

Automatic Cleanup

Auto cleanup all users entered data. Take your website back to your last edited time with ease.

Built-in Security

Restrict potential harmful actions by our security settings. Keep your demo safe & fast

Update Content When You Need

Update your website content, install themes, plugins whenever you want. Demo users will get exactly what you’ve just setup.

Beautiful Countdown Bar

Data is going to be cleanup? Let your users know by showing your message in countdown bar.

Automatic Login

You don’t have to tell users enter your provided credentials anymore.
User can bypass login form automatically, or by autofill setting.

Ease of use

We believe that powerful is also means simple. So we make a clean UI and let all complex things work on the background.
You’ll only work with one simple setting page as it should be.

Grow your conversation rate

Still Confusing?

Don’t believe any demo plugins while they haven’t live demo for themselves

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