The Ultimate Before After Slider Plugin for WordPress lets you showcase before-after images in the most beautiful way just like you have seen it on the popular websites! It is also the first Before After Viewer that lets you upload your own image as slider icon and even create playable animations from pictures. Needless to […]

Royal Before After Image Add-On extends Visual Composer plugin functionality. It’s designed to compare two images and showcase minor or huge difference, for example: original image(before) and image modified via PhotoShop(after). Before-After images are fully responsive and will fit any kind of device screen. Multiple options with easier user experience gives a huge advantage between

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Visual diff tool, that makes easy to highlight the differences between two images. Simply wrap any two images with [before-after] shortcode open and close tags inside WordPress editor. Features Fully Responsive Touch & Mobile Friendly Extremely Easy to Use Shortcode Generator Custom Labels and Colors Horizontal and Vertical Orientations Multiple Instance On One Page Support Feel

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Website Design and Development: 100 Questions to Ask Before Building a Website A helpful book-and-video package for building and maintaining a successful Web siteHow do you know that you’ve done everything possible to create a unique, enriching, and successful Web site, particularly when you’re hiring others to do it? With Website Design and Development, you’ll

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