WordPress Restaurant Table Booking (WordPress)

“Restaurant Table Booking Manager Pro”


“Restaurant Table Booking Manager Pro” plugin is to manage you online Table booking and your clients will be able to check availability and book online. you can show and manage your Restaurant Tables or any other tables availability for rent. You can manage the bookings (availability) on a timely basis. tabless gallery and booking calendar page will be created automatically and shortcode to generate calendar will be automatically copied. you can add/edit tables/table category or add/edit/delete bookings from admin to manage the full system.



This plugin is for manage any table booking. our this plugin gives capability to see availablility in calendar view. This plugin has shortcodes to show table Types and table/property gallery to book, booking calendar to see overall booking and availability status. and a single table/property details view with calendar

  • Create tables/item category and then create tables/items. you must choose a category while you create table/item, otherwise it woun’t show in calendar.
  • setup your general settings, and relative informations.
  • From setting page choose calendar booking status colors.
  • you can give any custom css to fix or change any view of front end.
  • [restbl_tableshapes] – to show tables/items type
  • [restbl_tables] – table/item gallery of selected type
  • [restbl_ustscalendar] – calendar view of table with booking and availability

Plugin Features & Key Benefits

  • Make bookings in friendly booking interface – select the date(s) and fill form fields.
  • Prevent of double booking for already reserved table-timeslot
  • PLUG-and-PLAY. Just activate it and start using. Post/page creation and shortcode insertion in post/page is automatic. And all necessary database table creation is automatic.
  • All bookings and settings are stored in your DB. You don’t need third party account(s).
  • Very flexible functionality. Fit to wide range of business.
  • Very easy to install and configure.
  • Insert Booking Calendar into any Post/Page using ShortCode [restbl_ustscalendar].
  • Add/Edit/Manage Booking from Admin Interface.
  • Pretty modern administration interface.
  • Pagination of the booking listing.
  • Administrator can Decline specific bookings.
  • You can fix any UI related issue by writing your custom css from admin option.
  • Allows defining administrator email and others.
  • Unlimited number of dynamic table category and tables, Bookings, unlimited number of clients.
  • Show Bookings / Availability in the daily, weekly or monthly view.
  • Easily add, edit or delete Booking in WP Admin.
  • Automatically page created and shortcode copied to page to generate calendar. So it’s really easy to install and configure.
  • An easy to use Booking Admin Panel that displays bookings in Calendar Overview and lets you manages bookings.
  • Built with jQuery, Ajax and other technologies.
  • Easy to integrate into your site because necessary post or page will be automatically created and shortcode will be automatically copied to page.
  • You can add booking by clicking calendar date cell easily and check availability of all tables in calendar. So you can manage booking very easily.
  • And much more ….

Key Benefits

  • very easy to install and configure.
  • Very flexible functionality. Fit to very wide range of business.
  • All bookings and settings are stored in your DB. You don’t need third party account(s).
  • An easy to use Booking Admin Panel that displays bookings in Calendar Overview and lets you manages bookings.
  • Built with jQuery, Ajax and other technologies.
  • table are categorized by type(Circular table, square table and tectangle table etc..).
  • Easy to install and integrate into your site. because necessary post or page will be automatically created and shortcodes will be automatically copied to page.

Admin Features

  • Comfortable Admin Panel for booking management. View bookings in Calendar Overview Panel (Timeline) with possibility to set Day/Week/Month view or in Booking Listing Table with pagination.
  • In manage booking Search the booking(s) by different parameters, using the Filter in Admin Panel.
  • Pagination of the booking listing.
  • Administrator can edit or Delete specific bookings.
  • View the bookings in booking calendar of any month of any year.

Admin Screen Shots

add new category:

add new category

Add New Table:

Add New Table

Admin Table Booking Settings:

Admin Table Booking Settings

FrontEnd Css Fix:

css fix

Add Table Booking:

Add Table Booking

FrontEnd Screenshots

Table Categories:

Table Categories

Categorized Tables:

Categorized Tables

Calendar View:

Calendar view


  • Download and Unzip the plugin.
  • Upload the plugins file to the ”/wp-content/plugins/” directory.
  • Activate the plugin from “Plugins” menu of WordPress Dashboard.
  • Plugin will automatically create Necessary pages and copy the related shortcode.
  • create table category and then create tables. you must choose a category for a table while you create tables.
  • Now Calendar will be generated. and in front end you will find table type and tables gallery and calendar of all tables

For installation process and other information please view our online Documentation

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Salon Booking WordPress Plugin (Utilities)

A complete and easy to manage appointments booking system for busy Salons.

Salon Booking is a complete and easy to manage appointments booking system to help your business getting more reservations on your website and saving a lot of time with your agenda management tasks.

Salon booking has been developed thinking about the most common needs of Hairdressing salons, Barbers shops, Beauticians, Therapists, Spas, Clinics, Sport facilities rentals etc.

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WooCommerce Simple Event Booking with Tickets (WooCommerce)

WooCommerce Event Booking plugin allow Admin to create unlimited Events and attach Tickets with nice and simple UI.

This plugin is Simple solution to create Events and Ticket with WooCommerce Products. Unlimited Events can be attached against one Product and each Event can have unlimited numbers of Tickets. Price and Spots/Quantity of Tickets generate total price of Event(s), it’s then add to cart and all Event Meta is sent Cart, Checkout and Email. Even Map can also set using Latitude/Longitude.

  • Simplest Event Booking Plugin
  • Attach Unlimited Events with Products
  • Attach Unlimited Tickets with Events
  • Set Price and Slots against each Ticket
  • Update/Reduce Slots on every order purchase
  • Event and Tickets detail along Cart, Checkout, Email
  • Set Map Against Each Event
  • Customize almost every part of Event
  • Responsive Front-end design
  • Nice and easy Admin UI

Simple Admin UI [nice-admin-ui]


  • Set Event Section Header BG Color
  • Set Event Section Font Color
  • Book Event Button BG Color
  • Button Hover Color
  • Booking Button Label

Nice and Clean Frontend

Video Demo

Install and Support

  • Install plugin from zip file and activate plugin
  • Once plugin is activated you can access all options within Product Page
  • In Product edit page Event detail like title, start and end dates, time and Ticket can be added
  • After saving event detail you can see these detail on Product Frontpage
  • Recommendation: use Full width template for Product Page
  • Free and fast support via email, skype or comments

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Rent a Hotel – Hostel & Guest House Booking Website PSD Template (Retail)

Create a Website for Your Hotel, Hostel or Guest House

Rent a Hotel is a premium PSD template designed for commercial purposes. Build a stunning excursion booking online website using the pre-build layout and elements. Customize existing graphic to create your own unique interface.

Download folder consists of 28 layered PSD files. All layers are organized properly, so it takes you a moment to find necessary layer and edit it. File structure is fully organized to make the editing process more easy for end-users. Template is designed based on 1200 grid system. It is also ready for retina screens.


  • Logical construction based UI
  • Organized and layered PSD files
  • 12col/1200px grid-based
  • Retina ready (vector-based)
  • Clean layout
  • Reusable elements
  • Unlimited color options
  • Google fonts
  • FontAwesome icons
  • Help file included


  1. Home
  2. Home v2
  3. Booking room
  4. Choose room
  5. Review
  6. Payment
  7. Thank you page
  8. Rooms grid view
  9. Rooms list view
  10. Rooms reviews
  11. Blog masonry view
  12. Blog list view
  13. Blog single
  14. Contact us
  15. About us
  16. Gallery
  17. Gallery v2
  18. Gallery fullscreen
  19. Login
  20. Register
  21. User profile
  22. User profile booking
  23. User profile settings
  24. Page 404
  25. Menu
  26. Menu v2
  27. Footers
  28. Shortcodes


We recommend to download and instal these fonts before editing your PSD files.


Images used in the preview files are not included into the release archive. You can find download links in the help file. All images are licensed under Public Domain CC0. Learn More — http://creativecommons.org/publicdomain/zero/1.0/


Hire Us

We provide additional services such as graphic design, custom coding, WordPress themes and plugins development. Contact us to get a free quote — http://bestwebsoft.com/contacts/

Help & Support

Visit our Help Center if you have any questions, our friendly Support Team is happy to help — http://support.bestwebsoft.com/

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WooEvents – WordPress Calendar and Event Booking (WooCommerce)

WooEvents is WordPress a plugin that helps you create events, events calendar, events map, events scheduler and manage all your online events easily. Allow visitors to register account, submit and booking events

event plugin event plugin

Demo Account: demo

Password: demo

event plugin

Features list
  • Bookings, allow users to booking events
  • Recurring events
  • Use WooCommerce to create and sell tickets
  • Multiple Payment mode
  • Users submit Events
  • Email notification to admin when users submit event
  • Email to user when booking or booking sucsess or cancel
  • User History booking
  • Events grid shortcode
  • Lists Countdown
  • Listing upcoming or past event
  • Ical import and Google Calendar support
  • Limit the number of bookings in an event
  • Custom ticket types
  • Free ticket support
  • Event status (number tickets, status tickets)
  • Calendar with tooltip, agenda week, agenda day, basic week, basic day view table
  • Calendar Shortcode
  • Table Shortcode
  • Single event with 3 layout
  • Listing filter bar (upcoming, ongoing, past)
  • Event Search widget
  • Event with scheduler
  • Event navigation
  • Event with speaker
  • Coupon code
  • Support category, tag
  • Visual Comporser Support
  • Custom thumbsize
  • Supper easy configuration
  • And more …
 -- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Version 1.0.0 - 31/03/2016 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- - WooEvents – First release 

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Halio: WooCommerce Taxi Booking Plugin (WooCommerce)


Halio is a powerful WordPress plugin for any business that provides transport as a service. It facilitates the price estimation, booking and payment of journeys. Halio has been professionally designed to provide a high quality user experience both for customers and admins.

Halio allows for the creation of multiple, complex pricing conditions to accommodate for any situation. You can charge based on distance, time or occupants either individually or in combination. Alternatively if you want to charge a fixed price for certain locations, that it possible with geo-location based pricing conditions. You can also add uber-style surge charges, for example multiplying fares by 1.5x in rush hour.

Because Halio is compatible with WooCommerce, it allows for a wide variety of options and customisations. Customers can pay by Card, Cash, PayPal or more. It also means add-ons such as WooCommerce deposits can be added to allow customers to pay a deposit. It is up to you how you customise the experience.


  • Intuitive Geo-location based pricing conditions (draw area on map)
  • Time-based pricing conditions
  • Add custom fields at checkout (e.g. flight number/baby seats)
  • Charge per mile/kilometre, minute, or occupant
  • Allow users to choose from different vehicles with different pricing options
  • Choose when vehicles are available
  • All text/labels/error messages customisable
  • Responsive form that looks good on any device
  • Intuitive admin area
  • Optimised code for fast quotes even with a high number of pricing conditions
  • Users can’t book a vehicle if it’s unavailable or already booked


Halio provides a wide array of settings allowing you to customise the experience to your own needs. Error messages, labels and logos can be customised completely.

Geolocation Pricing Conditions

Geolocation Pricing Conditions allow you to draw a specific region on a map that you want a custom price to be charged. For example you could draw Leeds and London. If the user is picked up/dropped off within the region then you can either charge a fixed price, increase the fare by a multiplier or add an amount to the fare.

Custom Fields

Say, for example, you run an airport shuttle company and you want all your customers to provide their flight number. To do this, you can add a custom checkout field and make it required.

Vehicle Availability Times

Vehicles can be made available only at certain times of the day, or completely unavailable on a given day. Each vehicle can have unique availability times.

If the vehicle is unavailable a customisable error message will display in the quote form.

Fixed Addresses

If your business only picks up/drops off from certain destinations then you can make the user choose from a predefined list of addresses instead of letting them type it themselves.

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Woo Restaurant – A Restaurant menu booking and reservation plugin for WooCommerce WordPress (WooCommerce)

WooRestaurant is a plugin that provides diversified features for many restaurant model. It is an easy toolkit that helps you to add your foods menu, reservation form.


  • Reservation form allows to order tables.
  • Adding unlimited fields to reservation form.
  • Bring many fields to get essential information of clients.
  • Customizable visibility for all reservation fields.
  • Supporting Re-Captcha for prevent spam requests of new reservation.
  • Supporting locations for easy manage restaurants that have many branches.
  • Supporting reservation type for sorting orders.
  • Providing two stylish types of reservation form: regular and popup for showing reservation form flexibly.
  • Being choosable the holidays and open/close time of restaurant.
  • Deciding the date format for date fields in reservation form.
  • Allowing to limit reservation of customers to know the status of restaurant.
  • The email system is very powerful and flexible, supporting send reservation information for customers and managers in all action situation and email customizable all action cases.
  • Allowing to create your own template of reservation or menu, it is very useful for developers.
  • Menu dishes has integrated with Woocomerce.
  • Bringing some dishes menu style with many options.
  • Various categories of foods.
  • Bringing many icons to make your food details richer.
  • Quick view food details, add to cart with beautiful pop-up. The pop-up also supports social media button to share any food with your client friends. You can also customize your own styles and content of pop-up.
  • Responsive design makes your audiences, customers access easily by any device.
  • Offering many status of the food.
  • Showing discount food for special events.
  • And many interest features will be updated soon.


Beauty food menu styles with many options:

Ability to create your own styles:

Flexibility reservation form:

Powerful and customizable email system:

Visual Composer ready:

Rich food’s details:

Easy to manage reservations:

 <br /> <h4>Supporting locations to manage branches of restaurant:</h4> <p><img src="http://docs.zotheme.com/wordpress/woorestaurant/images/outside_image/locations.png" /></p> <pre>  ------------ [02-19-2016] ------------  #! Initial Release  </pre>

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RnB – WooCommerce Rental & Booking (Products)

Online Documentation


It creates a new WooCommerce product type , its called Rental product , Where user can set product with various options, such as

  • Day basis price configuration
  • Monthly price configuration (Seasonal pricing)
  • Day ranges price configuration
  • General price configuration
  • Hourly price configuration
  • Car availability control
  • Date blocking
  • Unlimited payable resources
  • Unlimited payable person.
  • Three type of date format.
  • Add unlimited product attributes.
  • Add unlimited product features.
  • pickup and return location added.
  • Add pickup and return locaton cost
  • Multilingual

v1.0.0 – 11 February 16

- initial release.

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SPLENDIDA | Multipurpose template with Booking Wizard (Retail)

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Splendida is an HTML5 Multipurpose site template with Booking Wizard that start now with Hotel, SPA, Restaurant and Pickup service pre made demos…but you can create your own easly.

Main features

  • Valid and clean HTML5/CSS3 code
  • Bootstrap 3.3.5 Based: looks nice on all devices
  • Working PHP booking request with anti spam protection and autoreply (no SMTP)
  • Form wizard
  • Fantastic Font Icons with Retina support
  • Retina support ready
  • Supported By all major Browsers
  • Google Map
  • Google Web font
  • Weather Forecast Multilanguage widget
  • Bootstrap Datepicker
  • Bootstrap Timepicker
  • Customized drop down list

Images are not included.

Elite Author

SPLENDIDA Multipurpose template with Booking Wizard

V1.1 21 Jan 2016

- Added a SPA version - Added a Restaurant version 

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