ElementWP – Customize any element on your WordPress website (WordPress)

With ElementWP plugin you can customize any element on your WordPress website without writing any code.

Change any style of any element, such as :

  • Change spacing between elements
  • Hide some elements
  • Change form field style (background, color, border, etc.)
  • Add “on mouse hover” styles
  • Set specific styles for mobile devices
  • Change styles (color, background, border, font size, etc) of any element

See history of all changes and edit/disable or delete any changes that you have made.

This plugin is compatible with all WordPress themes and plugins, WooCommerce and WordPress Multisite Installations.


  • Customize any element on your website
  • No coding skills required
  • User-friendly interface
  • Flexible element path editor
  • Custom styles for mobile devices
  • Mobile devices preview
  • Changes history
  • Compatible with WooCommerce and WordPress Multisites
  • Export generated CSS code


Hide an element

Change background color


 v1.0.0 - April 20, 2016     - Initial release 

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Sapore – Cornerstone Restaurant menu element (Add-ons)

Sapore is an addon for cornerstone page builder which allows you to showcase a restaurant menu on your cornerstone powered website.

This plugin adds a new element named as Restaurant Menu to the cornerstone’s list of elements and allows you to have 3 different types of styles for the restaurant menu section. Easy to install, easy to use. Just drag and drop the element and done!

You can choose one of three styles, customize the background and text colors, use one or two images per item, turn on or off the hover animations and add as many elements and items as you want.


  • 3 different menu styles
  • Interactive CSS3 hover animations
  • Use 1 or 2 images per item
  • Full Responsive
  • Easy to customize
  • Awesome Support
  • and much more!


You can contact us 24 hours via dotrex@dotrex.co – It’s aways a pleasure to help our customers

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Attic Gallery – Cornerstone element (Add-ons)

A premium Cornerstone element, which brings new possibilities of thumbnail gallery building to your Cornerstone front-end page editor.

Attic Gallery is built for those who is in search of original ways to display thumbnail galleries and is no more contented with just traditional grid or masonry layouts.

Key features

  • Versatile layout types
    • Tile grid layout – based on the responsive grid. Thumbnails are arranged to this grid (being cropped when necessary) and also can span several rows/columns
    • Vertical masonry layout – based on responsive columns. Thumbnails are stacked into columns and retain their original aspect ratio. Opposed to the traditional masonry layout, thumbnails can occupy multiple columns.
  • Control over responsiveness – every gallery layout type is responsive (adapting to the viewport width). Moreover, you can set the exact column count individually for each viewport size.
  • Thumbnail styling and hover effects – 10 style templates are included and each can be easily customized to match your theme.
  • Loads fast, saves bandwidth, improves your SE page rankings – The Attic Gallery features built-in thumbnail lazy-loading. The size of image that gets transferred to visitor’s browser depends on the actual demand (thumbnail’s size on a visitor’s page). This feature utilises native WordPress intermediate image sizes, so you can easily set up the image size range optimized for your case.

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Instagram Element – Cornerstone Element for WordPress (Social Networking)

Welcome to Instagram Element

Instagram Element is a premium Instagram plugin for bloggers, photographers, models, and anyone looking to increase their presence on Instagram. Based off the popular Instagram Journal plugin, this Cornerstone version allows you to easily manage 100+ flexible options and create the perfect display with just a few clicks. Furthermore its’ mobile, responsive design allows you to showcase your photos beautifully on any device! Simply add your username and let the selfies roll!


Instagram Element is easy to use and has an extensive selection of options. We listened to your feature requests and created a brand new product that includes them all. See the list below for more details!

Key Features

  • Popular Instagram Feed Mode – This feed mode pulls in the photos from the Instagram popular feed.
  • User Instagram Feed Mode – This feed mode allows you to specify a user id to pull in photos from a specific user.
  • Multiuser Instagram Feed Mode – This feed mode allows you to specify multiple user id’s to pull in photos from specific users. Note, this feature does NOT allow load more functionality.
  • Tag Instagram Feed Mode – This feed mode allows you to specify a hashtag to search from the Instagram API.
  • Multi Tag Instagram Feed Mode – This feed mode allows you to specify multiple hashtags to pull in photos from specific users. Note, this feature does NOT allow load more functionality.
  • Location Instagram Feed Mode – This feed mode allows you to specify location id to pull in all photos taken in a given location.
  • User Liked Instagram Feed Mode – This feed mode allows you to specify a user id to pull photos that were liked by a specific user.
  • Photo Limit Control – After many requests for this feature, we’ve now provided a way to limit the amount of photos loaded in by the API.
  • Responsive HD Video – Pull in all of your favorite videos and share them with the world. Each video player is fully responsive and supports fullscreen mode on desktop and mobile devices.
  • Fully Customizable Options – This plugin features an array of options for your galleries to allow you to control animations, transitions, speed, and easing.
  • Mobile Retna Ready – Designed and tested to work well any mobile device including iPhone, iPad, and Android Support.
  • Non Conflicting Plugin Design
  • Multi-layered design and effects

Support and Documentation

Support is our mission! – To help you get started, we have provided extensive documentation code examples and screenshots. In addition, you can contact us with any question, issue, or feature request! Support our top priority so don’t hesitate to reach out!

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Save Load Element for Visual Composer (Add-ons)

Save Load Element allows you to save and load any element and settings without ever leaving Visual Composer interface!

Save and Load commands will show up when you place a mouse pointer over the top of any row, column, element, … Click Save and input name to save element. Click Load on any other row, column, element, choose element to load it.

You can switch to Copy and Paste mode to copy element to clipboard. Click Paste to paste element from clipboard. You can paste the element as many times as you want.

Main Features:

  • Save and Load.
  • Switch to Copy & Paste mode.
  • Works fine on Backend editor and Frontend editor.

You can save or copy:

  • Row, Row inner.
  • Column content, Column inner content.
  • Element: Text, Button, Tabs, Tour, Accordion, …
  • Any third control.

You can load or paste:

  • Insert element after Row, Row inner.
  • Append or prepend elements inside Column, Column inner.
  • Append elements inside Tab, Section.
  • Insert element after Element.

Don’t forget to check video preview.

Change Log:

Version 1.0

 - First release version - Save and Load Element - Copy and Paste Element - Works on Backend & Frontend Editor 

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Makefixed.js : jQuery Fixed Element during Scroll

MakeFixed.js is a quick way to dynamically set up elements to be fixed during scroll.
Lightweight! Less than 2.4KB;
Allow callback functions;
jQuery required.

Tags: Fixed Header, Scrolling Effects

Read More



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Element Template for Visual Composer (Add-ons)

Element Template for Visual Composer is a premium multi-purpose plugin ror easy usage and auto-filling of similiar and repeated elements settings.


– WordPress Plugin – Minified Production + Source Code – Comprehensive and Interactive Documentation – Excellent Customer Support

Main Features

– Save settings to templates – Auto-fill element settings – Easy integration to any site with Visual Composer – IE9+ support – Simple Settings – Extremely Comprehensive Documentation – Excellent Authors Experience over 10 years

Requirements & Compatibility

– Browsers: Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer 9+, Firefox and Opera – Platforms: Android, iOS, Mac OS and Windows

Plugin is compatible with the WordPress versions 3.9 and later (PHP v.5.3 or greater; MySQL v.5.0.15 or greater). Most JavaScript enabled Browsers will make them work with no issues.

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ELEMENT – Multipurpose PSD Template (Creative)

ELEMENT – Multipurpose PSD Template, clean, minimal and modern PSD Template good for your business and creative portfolio sites. 30 PSD files included, 31 screenshots.

Template Features:

  • 30 PSD files includes
  • 8 Home page variants
  • 8 Blog page variants
  • 6 Portfolio page variants
  • Easy to customize & use
  • Well organized layers
  • Clean and elegant design
  • Font Awesome
  • Google font
  • Responsive grid based layouts

PSD Files Included:

  • 01_home_standart
  • 02_home_dark
  • 03_home_corporate
  • 04_home_alt
  • 05_home__boxed_dark
  • 06_home_boxed_white
  • 07_home_portfolio
  • 08_home_shop
  • 09_aboutus01
  • 10_aboutus02
  • 11_services
  • 12_contactus
  • 13_FAQ
  • 14_404
  • 15_portfolio_gallery_01
  • 16_portfolio_gallery_02
  • 17_portfolio_masonry_01
  • 18_portfolio_masonry_02
  • 19_portfolio_classic_01
  • 20_portfolio_classic_02
  • 21_portfolio_single_01
  • 22_portfolio_single_02
  • 23_blog_large_images
  • 24_blog_medium_images
  • 25_blog_masonry
  • 26_blog_grid
  • 27_blog_classic
  • 28_blog_singlepost
  • 29_shop_fullwidth
  • 30_shop_product



  • the images in the preview are not included in download file.

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