Attic Gallery – Cornerstone element (Add-ons)

A premium Cornerstone element, which brings new possibilities of thumbnail gallery building to your Cornerstone front-end page editor.

Attic Gallery is built for those who is in search of original ways to display thumbnail galleries and is no more contented with just traditional grid or masonry layouts.

Key features

  • Versatile layout types
    • Tile grid layout – based on the responsive grid. Thumbnails are arranged to this grid (being cropped when necessary) and also can span several rows/columns
    • Vertical masonry layout – based on responsive columns. Thumbnails are stacked into columns and retain their original aspect ratio. Opposed to the traditional masonry layout, thumbnails can occupy multiple columns.
  • Control over responsiveness – every gallery layout type is responsive (adapting to the viewport width). Moreover, you can set the exact column count individually for each viewport size.
  • Thumbnail styling and hover effects – 10 style templates are included and each can be easily customized to match your theme.
  • Loads fast, saves bandwidth, improves your SE page rankings – The Attic Gallery features built-in thumbnail lazy-loading. The size of image that gets transferred to visitor’s browser depends on the actual demand (thumbnail’s size on a visitor’s page). This feature utilises native WordPress intermediate image sizes, so you can easily set up the image size range optimized for your case.

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