WooCommerce Add Product from FrontEnd (WooCommerce)

Welcom to WordPress WooCommerce Add Product from FrontEnd.

A handy tool helps to add WooCommerce products from frontend.

A lot of WooCommerce users want to upload a product from the front end, they need a plugin that enables their customers to upload products meanwhile administrators can approve uploaded products and display them on the site.

You can use the plugin as a market for the vendor upload their product from FrontEnd.

Users can enter the information for the products, upload images using ajax and submit products by ajax.

Very fast and convenient, just install and activate it, users can add products from the frontend.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact me.

Features Plugin

Text Editor jQuery: library
Fully upload information.
Media files uploader.
Multiple upload images.
Images ajax upload: library
Ajax submit product.
Product list view.
Widget and shortcode support.

Version: 1.0 – Last updated: 2016, June 05
Compatible with WordPress 3.x, WordPress 4.x, WooCommerce 1x, WooCommerce 2x
Browsers: IE8, IE9, IE10, IE11, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome

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BucketPress v1.2 – Plugins & Themes Installer from BitBucket (Utilities)


Manage all Bitbucket repositories directly in WordPress. Select your repositories in the list or add public repositories. Now, you can install or update it directly from your WordPress admin.

Video Preview

Change Log:

  v1.2.0 - Debug php log (in review) *Fix all php log  v1.1.0 - New feature *Add Search feature by owner username  v1.0.0 - initial release *initial release  

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WPShotsDojo – Portofolio WordPress Plugin from Dribbble Shots (Social Networking)

WPShotsDojo provides seamless Dribbble Shots integration in your wordpress posts, pages or custom posts.

It uses the Dribbble API to obtain ANY user’s latest shots and beautifully presents them as blocks with customizable grids.

You can have multiple grids in a page, different sizes from different users.

The plugin is responsive, blends in perfectly in any theme’s page, post or even custom post type, full width page or with sidebar.

You have full control of the CSS code.

High Performance

The main problem with Dribbble plugins is the fact that the API itself is very restrictive regarding the number of requests made in certain time intervals.

That’s why we’ve put a lot of thought into keeping the number of requests to the API as low as possible.

The plugin caches the shots locally and does not generate additional requests to Dribbble.

The plugin auto updates the shots hourly.

Several Awesome Grid Styles

We came up with 3 totally different grid sizes and style, using for each of them custom animations, styling, spacing and even different dribbble image sources sizes in order to enhance and optimize the entire user experience.

All this can be managed really simple: you just choose between “small”, “medium”, “large” grid styles, and the plugin does everything for you.

And of course all the grid styles are responsive.

We keep your visitors on your website

After clicking any dribble shot blocks (no matter the selected grid) instead of sending your visitor away from your website, we load all the dribble shot related data in a beautifully crafted lightbox right on your website.

This way you get to showcase your Dribble portfolio shots and keep and engage the visitors on your website.

Retina Ready

All the grids use dribbble shot picture sizes and display them retina-ready.

Back-End Snapshot:

Important note: Dribbble API requires enabled php CURL.

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Pixel Amazon ToolKit – Insert Amazon Products from WordPress (Advertising)

Pixel Amazon ToolKit is the only plugin you need to make money from your WordPress posts, pages and post types quickly and automatically using Amazon’s Product API.

Pixel Amazon ToolKit also makes your life easier by giving you the option to insert links, images, call to actions, reviews, similar products and even create reusable product templates, which you can even choose to automatically insert into any page, post or custom post type if your choosing.

Pixel Amazon ToolKit

Pixel Amazon ToolKit Key Features

  • Monetise your posts with Amazon Affiliate Links
  • Search Amazon Products Directly From WordPress and insert into any page, post or custom post type.
  • Create and insert links, images, call to actions, reviews and even display similar items
  • Automatically cloak URLs to avoid SEO penalties
  • Automatically localise links to the visitors country making you more money and capturing potentially lost sales
  • Automatic Amazon Product Popovers (can disable in settings)
  • Create reusable templates which can be used anywhere on your website
  • Automatically insert templates at the top or bottom of any page, post or custom post type
  • Show templates in the WordPress Sidebar

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BuddyPress Avatar From Web Cam (WordPress)

Main Features

1) Photos can easily be taken for the user profile picture using a web cam. 2) There are two display modes in BuddyPress “Change Avatar” page. (a) Display Camera content in BuddyPress “Change Avatar” page, while page is loading. (b) Display Camera content with Show/Hide toggle function. 3) There are two sizes in the camera screen as 320px width and 240px width. Screen size can be selected by site administrator from the WordPress admin area plugin settings page. 4) There are 8 image color effects (color filters) that include. (a) Black & White (b) Negative (c) Bright (d) Dark (e) Sea Blue (f) Indigo (g) Yellow (h) Stripes 5) User can select a photo frame to embed with the photo (14 frames are available). 6) User can select a sketch mode (11 sketch modes are available). 7) A flash light effect is integrated with the photo capture event. 8) Image crop tool is available to crop the captured image. 9) WPML Support. 10) Single site and Mulitisite Support.

Admin Area Features

1) Change camera display mode as “Display Webcam While Page Loading Mode” or “Show / Hide Toggle Mode”. 2) Change camera screen size as “Large Screen – 320px width” or “Small Screen – 240px width”. 3) Change camera border color. Infinite number of colors can be selected. A color picker is available. 4) Change the camera screen border radius. Admin can choose a value 1px to 20px 5) Change camera flash light effect color. Infinite number of colors can be selected. A color picker is available. 6) Enable or Disable the flash light effect. 7) Select camera toggle icon color. (7 colors are available). 8) Select camera press button icon color. (7 colors are available). 9) Change Frame and Sketch label text color and border color. Infinite number of colors can be selected. A color picker is available. 10) Enable or Disable the photo frames feature. 11) Enable or Disable the sketch modes feature. 12) Select the quality of generated image to be 100%, 95%, 90%, 85% or 80%. 13) Add a message to be displayed above the camera screen.

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Flips | Create Flipbook From Post Types WP Plugin (Galleries)

What Is Flips?

Flips is a powerful WP plugin which allows you to create flipbook lists of the posts, pages or custom post types. So, you can create awesome testimonials, services, works, posts, pages, products, and so much more. As a big addition to this, you also have the ability to filter these post types. You can filter them by time intervals like 2 days ago or 15 days ago, but you can also set the time interval by yourself. When you are setting the time interval you can add start point and / or end point. Each one of the points can be set by day, month, year hour and minute.

Next awesome thing is that this plugin scans for the registered taxonomies of each one of these post types, and creates filter for that also. For example you can choose to display all posts from category “General” which have tag “music”. Same thing applies for every other post type and their taxonomies.

Of course you can combine intervals and filters and also sorting and ordering. You can sort results by:

  • Number Of Comments
  • Post ID
  • Author
  • Title
  • Name
  • Date Added
  • Date Modified
  • Random

And you can order them ascending or descending.


Crete flipbook from

  • Videos.
  • Sliders.
  • Google Maps.
  • Images.
  • Regular Text.
  • Icons.
  • Woo Commerce Products.
  • All Above Combined.
  • And much more, ony the sky is the limit.


Flips comes with 10 slots for templates and it can hold more ( explained in the docs ). It has tons of options, color pickers, font pickers, and you can customize left and right page independently from each other. You also have these template styles:

  • Left Image – Right Title
  • Left Title – Right Image
  • Title Only
  • Thumbnail As Background Image
  • Titles On Side
  • Thumbnails On Side

With template options you can set title font, title font hover, pagination background, background hover, font, font hover, border color, border radius, page background color, page border color, page border radius, text font color, text font style, thumbnail width, thumbnail height, title length, thumbnail border radius,thumbnail border color, height of the header and this is just a fraction of the options.


  • Create flipbook from posts, pages, custom post types.
  • Filter the results by the taxonomies.
  • Filter the results by predefined or custom made time intervals.
  • Add anywhere using visual composer, widget or WP editor
  • Create unlimited number of templates
  • 5 template styles
    • Left Image – Right Title
    • Left Title – Right Image
    • Title Only
    • Thumbnail As Background Image
    • Titles On Side
    • Thumbnails On Side
  • Unlimited colors
  • 600+ google fonts
  • Sort results by:
    • Number Of Comments
    • Post ID
    • Author
    • Title
    • Name
    • Date Added
    • Date Modified
    • Random
  • Order ascending or descending
  • Limit length of the title
  • Multiple flipbooks on the same page and every one with different styling.
  • Default template to jump start your flipbook.

Some Examples

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Crab Ultimate Slider From Five Sources (Sliders)

Crab Ultimate Slider is a plugin WordPress that can display Slides / Carousel from Media, Posts, Contents, Social Networks or from Woocommerce products.

Live Preview

Key Features

  • Responsive Layout,
  • Three Layouts,
  • Images from five sources,
  • Support Ten Social Networks,
  • Support Touch and Grab Event,
  • Support Widget and Shortocode,
  • Support Custom type Post,
  • Support Custom Taxonomies,
  • You can Control the Break Point,
  • Arrow and Button Control,
  • Support Lazy Effect,
  • Support Auto Height,
  • And much more… see the screenshoot.


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Generate Video From Links PRO ( WordPress Plugin ) (Media)

Generate Video From Links PRO is a wordpress plugin which generate video players from links. (video website: youtube.com, vimeo.com, dailymotion.com and metacafe.com.You can create your own video player style for every video and you also can configurate settings.You will be able to insert it in any page or post.( select directly from short code generator menu ).


  • You can generate video players from links:
    • Video Websites:
      • youtube.com
      • vimeo.com
      • dailymotion.com
      • metacafe.com
  • with a customizable video player:
    • you can change width, height, mask color and opacity, play button and border color;
  • you can configurate video player settings

Very easy to create your own video player style

This plugin was build with EDFP and make our plugin very easy to customize.

Online FREE Support

If you have any problem or you don’t know how to do something please just go to: http://support.wdh.im and tell your problem.


1.0 (2014-15-02)          * Initial release.

Contact us

If you did not find the answer you were looking for in the given documentation, please Contact us

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Profi Search From – a Detail Search for WordPress (Forms)

You want to provide a detail search for your WordPress Blog? Or you want that your customers have a better expierience searching the product they need?

Sure, the WordPress search is fine, but wouldn’t it be better to have a search form, that could perform something like this:

My child is seven years old and I want to buy him a gift for around 15 $ ? What about a Range-Slider, where you can say, the product is supposed for users around this age, what about a priceslider and what about a selectbox, where you can select all products which are good as a gift?

Profi Search Form enables you to do so. It includes

– a Fulltext Search with the options to highlight the matches and where you can decide, which texts are searched – a Range Search for numeric values like prices, squaremeters etc. – Input fields, for min/max/equal or like searches. With such a field you can for example realize a search “I am searching an apartment with min. 150 squaremeters” – An Area Search realized with Google Maps. Your customer can choose an area on Google Maps and he gets only results (for example apartments) out of this area! – Select-, Radio-, and Checkboxes! – An Order-By-Box, where you can define, by which values your visitor can order the search results!

How does it work? You probably use already Custom Taxonomies like Categories or Tags. You probably use already Postmeta informations like price, squaremeters, latitude, longitude, persons, age or whatsoever.

But: You still have no search, which can use these informations! Profi Search Form can! In very simple steps you can create a detail search form. Via Shortcode you can include this form in your page. So you just create a “Detail Page” and enter the shortcode.

Your customer can then search with this form. The search is completly realised with Ajax. So the results will be shown automatically without leaving or reloading the website. But, although it is run by ajax, the Back- and Forward-Buttons are working, like you expect them to do. So, if you visitor visits a search result, he can simply click “Back” to come back to his search results!

The search result items are customizable due to our special template engine. So you can decide, which information will be shown. So, when your visitor can search lowest prices or highest rating, doesn’t it make sense, also to show this ratings or prices in the resultlist? It does and so you can! Every Postmeta-Value or Taxonomie-Value you are using for your search form can also be displayed in your search result list!

More information? Click www.profisearchform.com

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The Computer Shelf.(nonfiction books)(Book review): An article from: Internet Bookwatch

The Computer Shelf.(nonfiction books)(Book review): An article from: Internet Bookwatch

The Computer Shelf.(nonfiction books)(Book review): An article from: Internet Bookwatch

This digital document is an article from Internet Bookwatch, published by Midwest Book Review on January 1, 2013. The length of the article is 2505 words. The page length shown above is based on a typical 300-word page. The article is delivered in HTML format and is available immediately after purchase. You can view it with any web browser.

Citation Details
Title: The Computer Shelf.(nonfiction books)(Book review)
Author: Unavailable
Publication: Internet Bookwatch (Newsletter)

List Price: $ 9.95

Price: $ 9.95

How To WordPress plugins Course – 17 Videos Tutorials + Resale Rights

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