myCRED Integration for FSQM Pro (Add-ons)

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Reward points for Form Submission

myCRED is a vastly popular, free and easy to user points management system for WordPress. It helps you keep your users engaged, by rewarding them points for their interactions with your website. The points can later be used to show a leaderboard, award some badges or maybe integrate with your eCommerce shops to provide discounts and coupons.

myCRED Integration for FSQM Pro, allows you to control how you want to award your users when they submit a form.

Reward points not necessarily needs to be static. It can be based on obtained score or even output of any mathematical element. You can also setup limitations for reward points.

myCRED Integration for FSQM Pro

  • Complete integration with myCRED an adaptive points management system that lets you award / charge your users for interacting with your WordPress powered website.
  • Reward points for submitting FSQM forms. Settings can be managed on per form basis.
  • Calculate reward points dynamically with respect to score or any mathematical element or simply reward a static point.
  • Negative score/Mathematical element can also subtract from myCRED rewards.
  • Limit reward points based on a number of days, per form or both.
  • Works with myCRED multitype point management.

Flag Counter
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WooCommerce integration for UserPro (Add-ons)

Note: This is an addon. You must have UserPro to use it.

Get the best of both worlds – UserPro and WooCommerce. This addon seamlessly integrates WooCommerce with UserPro.

The Essentials
  List all your WooCommerce orders on your profile page
  List recently purchased products on profile page
  View order details from profile page
  Re-order from your profile page
  Display total number of orders and total amount on ‘Orders Tab’
  Addon supports 7 different languages including French, Spanish

Plugin Settings
  Admin can enable disable orders tab
  Admin can enable disable purchased products tab
  Admin can set the number of products to be shown on purchase tab

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osCitas – ResellerClub Domain Registration Integration Kit (Miscellaneous)

This plugin is designed for use with WordPress, to integrate the Reseller Club domain registration option to your wordpress, so that your customers can search for domains and can book directly from your site, so they don’t need to move to Reseller Club site.

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HYPE Social-Buffer PRO – WP to Buffer Integration (WordPress)

Automate your Social Media sharing with this plugin. It connects your WordPress site to Buffer APP and allows you to schedule, customize and manage all your shares – from your WordPress admin dashboard. This plugin supports and gives you the option to choose whether you want to share posts, pages or custom post types. It saves your time by automating all your Social Media shares and it saves your money by becoming your own Social Media Manager! Easy setup, top-notch support and awesome features are some of the benefits of downloading this plugin.

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MyArcadePlugin – Theme Integration (Add-ons)

MyArcadePlugin – Theme Integration Plugin will integrate MyArcadePlugin Starter or MyArcadePlugin Pro with your existing WordPress site without theme editing.

This allows you to create an online games section on your WordPress site to attract more visitors and keep visitors on your site. Tue to more interactions with visitors you can increase your income and your site popularity.

A lot of big sites offer online games sections, so why you shouldn’t do that, too?

MyArcadePlugin – Theme Integration Features

  • Works with every WordPress Theme
  • Integrates MyArcadePlugin with your existing site
  • Pretty permalinks like “
  • Custom post type “Game”
  • Fullscreen feature
  • Game pagination
  • Game tabs: Description, Instructions, Scores
  • Game score presentation
  • Games per page option
  • Games per row option
  • Heading settings to fit theme design
  • Easy to customize

MyArcadePlugin – Theme Integration Plugin will create a new custom post type (Game) where all games will be published. Thereby regular WordPress posts will not be mixed with game posts. This will keep your site clean.

Manage Games

Let’s take a look how MyArcadePlugin – Theme Integration looks on most popular WordPress themes available on Themeforest:


Avenue Theme


deTube Theme



Jarida Theme


Sahifa Theme


Smartmag Theme


uDesign Theme

Easy To Setup

MyArcadePlugin – Theme Integration Plugin is very easy to setup. There are only a few options you need to adjust. The most work is done automatically. Let’s take a look at the simple settings page:

General Settings

Game Play Page

When someone click on a game, he will be redirected to the game play page where several game details are displayed within tabs:

  • Description Tab – Displays the game post content.
  • Instructions Tab – Will be displayed if game play instructions are available.
  • Scores Tab – Will display best players if the game supports score submitting.

Game Tabs

Fullscreen Feature

There is another great feature we’ve added to our integration plugin. It allows your visitors to play games in fullscreen!

Above the game there is a small resize icon. When a visitor clicks on that icon the game will be loaded in fullscreen:

Game Play Page

We know that search engine optimization (SEO) is very important and thereby we have added an option where you have full control of your games section link structure. At WordPress Permalinks Settings you will find a new section where you can setup permalinks for your arcade section.

Permalink Settings

External Plugins (optional)

If you want to display a game play counter and/or allow users to rate games, you should install these plugins, too:


In order to use MyArcadePlugin – Theme Integration Plugin one of these plugins is required:

MyArcadePlugin – Theme Integration Changelog

 v1.0.0 - 2014-09-10   - Initial Release 

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Cart2CRM – Woocommerce and SugarCRM integration (WooCommerce)

Cart2CRM – Syn data between WordPress and SugarCRM Using Woocommerce Plugin.

Cart2CRM provide the ability to connect and sync customer data and order data between a WordPress (using the WooCommerce plugin) and a SugarCRM account.


  • SugarCRM Panel
  • Connection Settings
  • Integration
  • Field Mapping
  • Report

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KWoo Integration (WooCommerce)

It’s hard to get customers but it’s harder to keep them, so you must keep them informed about your business. For this Kwoo Integration has been created, a plugin that integrates your WooCommerce Customers and your news systems Knews.

Features included

  • Subscribe automatically all your WooCommerce customers to newsletters at checkout. To test it follow the instructions:
    1. Add your favorite product to cart.
    2. Fill in the Checkout form with an email.
    3. Mark the option “Subscribe to our newsletters” which is right next to the button “Place order”.
    4. Place order.
  • Apply your coupons to a Mailing List. To test it follow the instructions:
    1. As Admin, find that email in Dashboard\K-news\Subscribers.
    2. Go to “Coupons”.
    3. Add new one coupon.
    4. Find a “Usage Restriction” tab.
    5. Select a “Email Restrictions” field.
    6. Write, for example, “60@news.local” in this field. The number before ”@knews.local” is the ID of an Open Mailing List.

Upcoming Features

  • Import WooCommerce customers into subscription list.


  1. Add the plug-in using wordpress admin, find or upload it, via website or FTP.
  2. Activate it.
  3. No additional setting needed.


  1. English.
  2. Spanish – es_ES.
  3. You can translate it to other languages using WPML. Only has a few translations.




1.1.0 – April 15, 2014

  • Added a Setting Page.
  • Added “Coupons to Mailing List” feature.

1.0.0 – January 23, 2014

  • First Release

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Smart AJAX Subscribe: Integration Addon (Newsletters)

Plugin Home Page Support Forums Follow on Twitter Video on Youtube

This is NOT standalone plugin, it is an addon for Smart AJAX Subscribe plugin, and this addon can’t be used on it’s own. This addon adds integration with various WordPress and other plugins forms for: Smart AJAX Subscribe and you need to purchase and install this main plugin first. Do not attempt to use this addon on its own, it will not work.

Addon Information

Smart AJAX Subscribe: Integration Addon is easy to use addon for Smart AJAX Subscribe plugin allowing you to add newsletters subscription selections into various forms in WordPress or forms from different popular plugins. Using same, powerful subscriptions capabilities from Smart AJAX Subscribe you can easily offer your users, visitors or customers to subscribe to one or more newsletter subscription lists when leaving comments, opening topics in forums or making a purchase.

Uou can individually control each integration method and assign different forms to each one. You can assign any subscription list from main Smart AJAX Subscribe plugin you have set from MailChimp, MyMail, GetResponse and all other supported newsletters services.

This addon can integrate with these plugins and different forms:

  • WordPress new comment form
  • WordPress standard registration form
  • BuddyPress extended registration form
  • bbPress new topic form
  • bbPress new reply form
  • bbPress anonymous post form
  • WooCommerce checkout
  • JigoShop checkout
  • Easy Digital Downloads checkout

Integration tab to control all integrations

Integration tab to control all integrations Addon adds extra tab inside the settings panel for Smart AJAX Subscribe where you can see status of all supported plugins (availability and activity), with each form integration.

Assign subscription lists to every integration

Assign subscription lists to every integration For each integration method you can assign one or more subscription lists with different label and different initial checked state. Also, you can add some custom HTML to be displayed before and after checkboxes list.

Seamless integration into various forms

Seamless integration into various forms Plugin integrates with different forms seamlessly and you can easily style added checkboxes further if you need to. If you need, plugin can be integrated manually into any other form in WordPress, and more information on that is included in the developers guide PDF in the addon package.

Supported Plugins

  • BuddyPress – 1.6 or newer. Tested with 1.8.1 and 1.9.2.
  • bbPress – 2.2 or newer. Tested with 2.3.2, 2.4.1 and 2.5.3.
  • JigoShop – 1.0 or newer. Tested with 1.7.3 and 1.8.1.
  • WooCommerce – 2.0 or newer. Tested with 2.0.20 and 2.1.6.
  • EasyDigitalDownloads – 1.8 or newer. Tested with 1.9.8.

Addon Requirements

  • WordPress 3.3 or newer
  • Smart AJAX Subscribe 2.5 or newer: get it here


Version 1.0 / 2014.04.08.

  • First release

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